Uvaldi Texas

Did you give the Democrats 5 minutes to start talking about gun control? If you did you were about right. They wasted no time going there re the Uvalde school shooting. Beto O’ Rourke staged his own political scene at Gov Abbot’s presser on the shooting.

Forget the Democrats. We need to come up with solutions. We can look at the causes along the way but what we really need are solutions. If you’re school has gotten complacent now is the time to examine how prepared your school is.

We can look at the cultural issues and their contribution to violent acts.

We can look at how mental health issues are treated.

We can look at the FBI’s role in identifying threats and following up on them. My feeling is their current focus is misplaced.

Schools need to asses how well their security would work in case they ever have an active shooter event. i wouldn’t take for granted it would never happen at ‘my school.’ We have to let that mind set go.

Meanwhile we need solutions. The one i keep coming back to is TRAINING,TRAINING,TRAINING.

Law enforcement should be ready to go the second they get the call and know exactly what to do. We can examine each shooting including Uvaldi and make sure we’re all doing the right thing.

All, meaning. the school,tthe officers ,the teachers,the children and the parents.

The other thing i’ve taken away from these terrible incidents,especially this one, is the shooter knows the building well. He went to the open door, he knew which classroom to go to, he knew how much resistance he would have. Unfortunately, everything was in his favor. Worse is the amount of time he had. Law enforcement has to know they are not going to save everyone so the goal has to be to save as many people as possible. The shooter is naturally going to target the most vulnerable area and since they intend to make a statement they seem to choose the one that will have the most effect on the psyche of the country. Yes,i’ve concluded they always intend to make a statement.

I hate to say it we are going to have to face reality and be more prepared for the next time. The. less it happens the better of course. I hope they investigate Uvaldi very closely, inform the public and come up with lessons learned. TRAINING,TRAINING,TRAINING.

Photos Of Off-Duty Border Agent Who Killed Texas School Shooter | The Jeffrey Lord


The school shooting that resulted in the deaths of at least 19 children and 2 teachers on Tuesday was ended by a U.S. Border Patrol agent who rushed into the school and killed the shooter without waiting for backup.

Photos Of Off-Duty Border Agent Who Killed Texas School Shooter | The Jeffrey Lord