Bidenomics Analysis

if you cut oil production gas prices rise

if you print very large sums of money and cut oil production dramatically, inflation goes through the roof

If you raise wages but have out of control inflation the wages can’t keep up with the cost of living

When you leave the borders wide open and surrender your sovereignty as a nation then transport those people to the location of their choice-and take care of their basic needs to boot-it’s not going to be free.The government doesn’t pay for it. We pay for it. The government isn’t a business, that produces a product then sells it for profit. The government is a body that takes your money then decides what it’s going to do with it.,which almost always entails spending.

When gas prices rise,the cost of transporting goods rise which in turn raises the price of the good. It’s a double/triple whammy.

When you make deals that call for free trade it’s free alight. Free for our jobs to leave the country.

You can sell your policies to the public by bragging that you’re only going to ‘tax the rich’ but you also have to hope the public doesn’t figure out that inflation IS a tax.

We all run a household and have a budget. IF we spend more than we have we know we can end up in debt. If we were to invite our neighbors into our homes, charge them nothing and pay for all their basic needs we would definitely end up in debt. In fact we might end up not being able to take care of our own basic needs.

Do we ever really know what the government is spending our money on? It’s like the shopaholic spouse who takes our credit card, doesn’t bother to check the bank and goes on a spending spree every month. Eventually the bill comes due.When something urgent comes up-it happens all the time-we’re in big trouble. We can’t handle the crisis.

This is Bidenomics. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out we’re in big trouble. Common sense tells most people this isn’t working.

I saw Thank You President Biden trending on twitter. Who are these people that think he’s doing a great job? You’re seeing that trend you ask yourself, thank him for what? Wrecking our country? The Biden supporters are so ignorant[probably delusional] they think orange man’s economy was terrible and Biden’s economy is a major success.

Somebody prove to me Biden got 81 million stupid people to vote for him.