If anyone should leave office it would be Joe & Kamala-take all their unqualified people with them

We can definitely vote them out in 2024 if they don’t cheat like they did in 2020. One problem; is our country going to survive until Trump becomes CEO again? Look at what Joe has unleashed in just 1 yr.

In case the FBI is reading blogs that support Pres Trump this is for you. I will show you what you missed before i make my case against Joe and “Heels Up” Harris.

What was Antifa up to in Jan 2017 for Trump’s inauguration?

Read the whole report here: https://legalinsurrection.com/2021/01/flashback-new-video-emerges-of-riots-at-trumps-2017-inauguration/

Here is the Insurrection

Antifa Thugs In Seattle Set Fire To Starbucks While People Are Trapped In An Apartment Above


We will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country, at first many thousands declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Our protest must grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power.

Kamala Harris had them bailed out. The media called them peaceful protestors.

They took to the streets again in 2020.

At least 11 Americans have been killed while participating in political demonstrations this year and another 14 have died in other incidents linked to political unrest, according to new data from a non-profit monitoring political unrest in the United States.

Nine of the people killed during protests were demonstrators taking part in Black Lives Matter protests. Two were conservatives killed after pro-Trump “patriot rallies”. All but one were killed by fellow citizens.

Source: Oct 13,2020 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/31/americans-killed-protests-political-unrest-acled

It’s Called A Coup

Meantime, the conspiracy to take out Trump with the Russia Lie was well underway but you know that; the FBI, Hillary, Obama/Biden, the Democrats and media were all involved.


Let’s not forget this little gem.

She concludes by saying she chooses love. She thinks about blowing up the Trump White House but she chooses love. There’s something wrong with this picture.

I would never say such a thing but if i did there’d be a knock on the door.

Here’s a guy who thinks he’s cool. He thinks he’s Keith Richard. Drugs are not cool. Depp is not cool.

Julius Caeser 2017. Wonder who Caeser is supposed to be?

This is when you knew they were capable of anything. Who does this?

They tried the Russia LIE* [hoax my eye],riots and impeachment from 2016 through 2020.These people tried everything-legal & illegal-to stop Trump from winning in 2020. These people will do anything to keep him from running in 2024. We have to demand election integrity. It’s all well and good to want to ‘move on’ but we don’t move on letting people get away with fraud and unlawful campaign contributions like Zuckerberg did in 2020. You want to make it easy to vote and difficult to cheat. Everyone can support free and fair elections. Let the state legislators enact voting laws-you don’t violate the Constitution to pass election laws.

The Jan 6 protestors are still sitting in prison with no date set for a trial.Some of the prisoners were placed in solitary confinement. Alisha Babbit, an unarmed Trump supporter, was shot and killed. It was not an insurrection but if the Democrats and media use the word often enough and the phony investigation goes forward they will convince people it was, just like they convinced people Trump colluded with Russia.


We know that our once trusted institutions are targeting us. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not the least bit interested in the welfare of the American people or us-Trump supporters-even less. It’s a pretty sad day when Antifa and BLM can run rampant through our cities trying to force Trump out of office and they get bailed out by the campaign Trump is running against. While the Trump supporters, who for the most part, peacefully protested are locked up and totally forgotten. Whether they were peaceful or not[some weren’t] they are still entitled to due process.

When you know that the power of the Federal Government can target you. you are cautious about what you say especially when your own Government designates you as a domestic terrorist because you oppose them.

Pres Trump was banned from social media for questioning the election of 2020. We all know there was something wrong with that election. There’s no way on earth Biden got 81 million votes. It’s a lie. Trump was poised to win in a landslide and i’m convinced he did.

Still, even if you aren’t convinced Trump won, you have the right to free speech and ask questions. Social media banned our own President. Let that sink in and marinate for awhile. If they can do that to the President what makes anyone think they’re safe from these tyrants. Vladimr Putin is on Twitter though and he’s a genocidal maniac who doesn’t think twice about assassinating his opponents. The Ayatollah [Kohmeni] of Iran, still on Twitter.You get the point.

Joe is not a legitimate President. He’s checked out. He’s everything they said Trump was. He’s corrupt. He enabled his son’s drug addiction and sleazy behavior with prostitutes to make a cut of the money Hunter got from China,Russia and other countries. Joe and Hunter have no loyalty to our country at all.Kamala couldn’t handle the one job she was given as Border Czar. They’re making sure ILLEGALS can get into the country. and God knows they will try to give them the right to vote soon enough.Watch them. . Yet, they call us domestic terrorists-law abiding citizens. There has to be someone in the FBI and DOJ who has the moral spine,honesty, integrity and love of [our]country to expose these people. One whistleblower? ONE?

I don’t believe in rioting, burning down cities and assaulting people like Antifa did to get Joe out of office.

I don’t dream about blowing up the White House. Madonna could have inspired someone to do it with those words. She didn’t care. i don’t think Joe should be assassinated like Johnny Depp said. I would never join a group that would try to attack the White House and injure the Secret Service; a REAL act of insurrection.

I do know Joe and Kamala need removed before our country totally collapses. Can you imagine a baby formula shortage where parents have to take their babies to a hospital? In the United States of America?

All Joe had to say was, call your doctor for samples?

I’m sorry but this is lunacy. They’re breaking our laws. They’re claiming men can get pregnant. They’re advocating for abortion as the baby is ready to be born. They indoctrinating children with sexually inappropriate material and telling parents to mind their own business. They’re blaming every crisis they created on everything and everyone else. There’s only been 1 whistleblower to call them out? Where has that gone? Nowhere. If anyone had reason to have an insurrection it’s the American people who know the election was stolen. We saw it with our own 2 eyes. The were fully capable and willing to steal it. They even tried to pass a law in Congress so they COULD do it again. All you need to know. When they tell you what they are going to do you should believe them.This WAS the United States of America. Can someone save what’s left of it before 2024?

They are trying to nail Trump for inciting an insurrection then use that to keep him off the ballot.Lies upon lies.The worst part is they get away with it. They get away with everything. They are never held accountable for anything.

We know that our once trusted institutions are targeting us. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not the least bit interested in the welfare of the American people and us-Trump supporters-even less. It’s a pretty sad day when Antifa and BLM can run rampant through our cities trying to force Trump out of office and they get bailed out by the campaign Trump is running against. While the Trump supporters,who for the most part, peacefully protested are locked up and forgotten. Whether they were peaceful or not [and some weren’t] they are still entitled to due process. When you know that the power of the Federal Government can target you, you are cautious about what you say especially when your own Government designates you as a domestic terrorist just because you oppose them. There were Trump associates who lost everything and had their lives destroyed all because they associated with Trump.

Jim Jordan, Never Afraid To Speak Truth to Power

I don’t doubt he’ll be targeted. He spoke the truth. You can’t do that.I wish we had patriots like Jim in the agencies that have been corrupted.

From the Gateway Pundit:

As the U.S. House Select Committee charged with “investigating” the January 6 riot at the Capitol gleefully prepares for its primetime debut, a desperate political prisoner is going on a hunger strike until a real investigation is conducted.

Edward Jacob Lang, who goes by “Jake,” has issued a statement from his cell in what many refer to as “D.C.’s Gitmo,” declaring he will go on a “prolonged hunger strike” until his demands are met.

The letter was received and published by Gateway Pundit, which has been a strong ally to all the Jan. 6 prisoners who have reportedly been housed in terrible conditions, denied due process, and forgotten by the mainstream, liberal media.

“Hello my fellow patriots, it’s Jake Lange — the time has come to draw a line in the sand, to say enough is enough,” the letter begins.

“I am currently in the basement of the DC Jail, the ‘hole,’ where my phone account and tablet has been cut off, leaving me with absolutely no access to my family or my attorney, as well has [sic]  no visitations because of COVID,” Lange continues. “Completely silenced and cutoff to the outside world before being found guilty of any crime.”

“The alleged crime? Standing up with 1 million+ other unarmed American patriots against tyranny; defending women and the elderly, my life, my country, my Constitution and even saving a life on January 6th!” Lang writes.

Lang, 26, was indicted on multiple felony charges alleging that he fought with Capitol police for nearly two and a half hours.

According to a Dec. 2021 Gateway Pundit report, “Lang was trampled when Capitol Police attacked and then without warning pushed Trump supporters down the stairs outside the US Capitol in Washington DC.”

Lang witnessed two people trampled — one, Roseanne Boyland, died after losing consciousness in the crush — before managing to pull himself and another protester, Philip Anderson, to safety. It is Anderson’s life that Lang is credited with saving.

“I can no longer in good conscious, with my faith in the Most High God, identify or have any part with the defacto Federal Government, and their corrupt Departments of Justice and Corrections,” Lang says in his letter.

“Monday, (1/31/22) I am entering a prolonged hunger strike of 23+ days until my next court date on Wednesday, February 23rd, where there will be a large peaceful protest and press conference by my lawyer Steven Metcalf outside DC Federal District Court House at 2:30pm, followed by a press conference at 3:45pm,” he announced, adding, “Media and patriots will be present in strong numbers.”

Lang then lists four demands, vowing, “I will not eat until these demands are met”:

  1. A thorough Bipartisan Congressional investigation into the Jan 6th Capitol Police brutality and murders of Ashli Babbit and Roseanne Boyland.
  2. The immediate release of ALL January 6th detainees with no prior violent criminal history.
  3. Equal Treatment Under the Law/similar lenient wrist slap sentences as 2020 BLM and ANTIFA rioters.
  4. Constitutionally protected right of redress of January 6th 2021 grievances, the obvious and overwhelming Will of The People being heard and obeyed: to send back the 2020 Presidential Election vote counting to the State legislatures for a recount.

“I will try to release statements daily, whenever I can get a friend to help me — including updates on my health, lists of the egregious human rights violations I have suffered at the hand of the DC jail; and details of the gross indifference shown by the DOJ to these human rights violations, and the OBVIOUS selective, politically motivated, prosecution and illegal prolonged solitary confinement/detainment,” wrote Lang, adding that updates and more information will be available on J6Truth.org.

“I would be eternally grateful for your prayers and support on getting this hunger strike with its list of demands and my daily updates as much media attention as possible — culminating on the February 23rd court date and peaceful protest,” he wrote.

“On February 23rd, in court, my lawyer Steve Metcalf and I will be submitting some groundbreaking documents and Declarations that will most certainly shift the momentum and the perspective of all January 6th court cases,” he promised, imploring fellow patriots to please show up for the date.

“I need your help!” he wrote. “Americans need your help! 750 January 6ers need your help! United We Stand under God.”

Lang has been incarcerated since January 16, 2021. He has reportedly endured more than 200 days in solitary confinement.

For his alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 riot, he has been offered a plea deal that would keep him locked up for nine long years.


*The lie they used was a CONSPIRACY, first to keep Trump from winning the office of President then to get him removed from office after he won. It nothing else it was meant to undermine his ability to govern as President. Hoax isn’t a strong enough word.