Why I Voted For Kathy Barnette (follow @Kathy4Truth on Twitter)

There were 3 people i was seriously looking at. Seriously does not necessarily mean i will vote for them. Seriously look at them means just that. Look.

The 3 were Carla Sands, Mehmet Oz, Dave McCormick.

Trump endorsed Oz. i was planning to vote for Carla Sands. I didn’t see that Oz was going to go over very well.

She wasn’t going anywhere. Her poll numbers were abysmal. She was a darned good candidate too. Maybe the campaign wasn’t run very well.

You don’t vote for someone who is going to lose.No matter how much you support them it doesn’t work.

That left McCormick and Oz. McCormick is a nice guy but a sell out to China.

McCormick would have been a good choice but being in the back pocket of China is a deal breaker.

I had made up my mind that whoever the nominee ended up being i would vote for them whether i cared for them or not because the Marxist on the other side was worse. Yes, i’d be willing to plug my nose,vote for Oz and hold his feet to the fire. i figured he’d be beholden to Trump and that would keep him honest.

The next thing i knew there was another 3rd candidate,. Kathy Barnette. i never heard much about Oz or David McCormick either so that wasn’t a big deal. i did know McCormick had a ‘working’ relationship with China. i heard him speak on the Mark Levin Radio Show. Seemed decent at least,but that China thing was killer.Biden had too many ‘working’ relationships with other countries too. If you’re not really America First don’t waste my time.

I was very impressed with Kathy. She was a MAGA candidate. i could get behind that.

i wondered why Trump didn’t endorse her.

It was a 3 way race now. Oz, McCormick and Barnette were at the top 1,2 and 3 respectively.

Oz’s campaign must have panicked because the smears started flying everywhere. Suddenly all kinds of information about Kathy was getting out.There were nasty ads, shills in the media, tweets and all smearing her. How was i to know if any of it was true? How was anyone to know? It was a barrage-the negative ads ran frequently. You could tell they’d be effective. They started as soon as she looked like she could actually win.

They quoted her terrible comments about Pres Trump.Those didn’t bother me much. That club had plenty of members and most of them are his strongest supporters today, including Kathy. i heard her out and went by what my eyes saw and ears heard.They did the same thing to Kathy that the left had done to Trump.

She answered all the questions i had including whether she would vote for McConnell or not. She gave a firm no. There’s our candidate!

People didn’t have a lot of time to get to know her and the smears were viscous. i’m sure that is the only reason she lost. i questioned her because of those smears. She answered enough to satisfy me.Evidently not enough to convince other people. You have to be cautious about political smears. Campaigns will sink that low.They planted seeds of doubt and i saw ppl turn on her.By this time i had caught on and voted for her.

Those people were going to vote for her. Some of them were considering it. i’m not going to mention the Oz shills here. Most people know them by now anyway. What a shame. They could have at least been fair. They forgot what people did to Trump.

There were commentators and pundits who were concerned she couldn’t beat the Democrat and we’d lose the seat. They said that about Trump too; that said, shouldn’t she have gotten credit for having no name recognition and was close to beating both of the top candidates. She couldn’t beat a Marxist Democrat?

She could have won had some people not lied about her or taken quotes out of context. She could have won had pundits not planted the idea she could lose. What a stupid comment to say she could lose. ALL the candidates could lose. DUH.

She had very strong opinions about Islam. She had very strong opinions about homosexual marriage. She’s allowed. i don’t even agree with Pres Trump’s pov regarding homosexual marriage and it’s obvious who i voted for in 2016 and 2020. It’s who i’m going to vote for in 2024. Take that to the bank!! Trump is pro life. If he were pro abortion that would be a deal breaker.

The point is we’re allowed to disagree over some issues on the Republican platform. Wouldn’t it be fair to hear these people (like Kathy and myself to be honest)out and have that debate. We’re not Democrat s with their conga line of lemmings. I didn’t see that these 2 issues were on the table in 2022 nor likely in 24 so what was their angle on bringing them up in the first place?

The Dems will bring up her comments? No doubt but she would have had plenty of time to articulate her point of view.

IMHO the smear campaign by Oz may have hurt him and from what i’ve heard McCormick went after Oz pretty hard. What a time! Oz is smearing Kathy,McCormick is smearing Oz and she crept up on both of them right down the middle. Pres Trump could have had a solid MAGA candidate in Kathy. The converts are always better than the people who have a political epiphany & save the knives for later.

Will i vote for Oz or McCormick in Nov? Yep. Absolutely. Want a Democrat Marxist in that seat or do you want to save the country? Trump will be back in 24. We just have to hang on until then! I think Kathy made a name for herself and she won’t be going anywhere soon. Hope not!