Democrat Switches to Republican Party

Democrat Mayor John Lee Switches to Republican Party: ‘They’re Totally Anti-American’Republicans are “the clear favorites” to retake control of the House and perhaps even the Senate in November’s midterm elections.North Las Vegas Democrat Mayor John Lee recently announced that he’s running for re-election as a Republican.

Democrat Switches to Republican Party

Lee said he became a Republican because the Democrats have embraced socialism and an “anti-American” agenda.

Democrat Switches to Republican Party

“The party moved past me. In fact, Democrats are now leaving that party in droves because of the socialist agenda that has taken place in the Democratic Party,” Lee began. “They’re totally anti-American. There was nowhere for people who thought and felt like I did about the virtues and values and morals of being a good American. It was time to leave. They have destroyed the Democratic Party now.”

Lee argued the Democrats’ “elitist” and “socialist” agenda is not one he “can stand with anymore.”

Pennsylvania Senate Race: Who’s running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania? Here’s Kathy Barnette. We voted for her in our house.

Rounding out the top three in recent polls, former adjunct professor of corporate finance and a regular commentator for Fox News, Kathy Barnette, joined the race in April 2021.In the WHTM/Emerson College Polling/The Hill Pennsylvania poll, Barnette came in third with 10.2% of likely Republican voters’ support. When taking into account the undecided voters and who they said they will lean toward, Barnette’s support increased to 14.8%.Spencer Kimball, Executive Director of Emerson College Polling, noted, “Republican women voters are more supportive of Bartos (20%) and Barnette (17%) than their male counterparts.”In the Traglagar Group poll, Barnette’s support increased to 18.4%, just 1.3% behind McCormick. However, the gap between McCormick and Barnette was larger in the Franklin & Marshall conducted poll with Barnette sitting at 7%.According to the Q1 financial filings, Barnette has received $356,463.80 since the start of 2022 and has received $1,585,548.71 since the start of her campaign.During a live interview with a WTAJ anchor, Barnette highlighted why she stands out from the other candidates saying, “We need people to go to D.C. who have a backbone made of something sturdier than ear cartilage, who will stand up and fight for us knowing what to do is not generally the hard thing. It is deciding I’m going to do what is right. Even though the party or lobbyists or bureaucrats are telling me to do the opposite.”On her campaign website, Barnette says, if elected, she will create an economy where corporations don’t have to leave the county to flee the onerous tax system, encourage states to take control of their own healthcare systems, secure the border with a wall, technology, and personnel, and work to secure elections by stopping the federalization of our elections.She received her required signatures and her name, therefore, added to the ballot on March 7.

Pennsylvania Senate Race: Who’s running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania?

To learn more about Barnette, visit her campaign website by clicking here.

I Refuse to Make the Shootings a Debate About Gun Control (neither for or against)

Gun control is not even up for discussion here.

What we have in the United States at this point-under the Biden administration-is lawlessness. From top to bottom. Our institutions have become corrupt and the corrupt are getting away with it. We also had a movement to defund the police. Top that off with a corrupt FBI and DOJ focused on parents or political opponents of the Biden administration as domestic terrorists. What we’re looking at here is chaos and anarchy in all our institutions, on the streets, in our government.

If Biden feels no need to protect and defend the Constitution as his oath of office obligates him and the mob is not only allowed but encouraged to intimidate our justices then we’ll simply continue to unravel. You can see it already can’t you? Biden has checked out. He doesn’t see anything.

Evil is real. It manifests itself through people. Just as the good citizens of the United States abide by the law, respect others and try to live a normal life where they can take care of their families and get along with their neighbors-evil people do terrible things.

Unfortunately since Biden took office it looks like the evil people are winning. You can’t even count on a truthful media anymore where journalists are supposed to keep the people in power in check. They’re working with the people in power and they’re just as willing to lie as the administration is. Racial tensions are high but that’s because you have people fanning the flames. It’s not that the tension wasn’t already there but the media and politicians are making sure the tension stays incredibly high. The good people are worried. They see all this and wonder where it’s all going and who’s going to stop it?They know it’s pure evil. Most of us know that not all black people are plowing through a parade with a vehicle or burning down cities. Most of us know that not all white people are targeting black people or the police are hunting down black people to kill them. The majority-black and white-don’t count anymore. It’s the few evil people who appear to be ruling the day.

If the Biden administration isn’t going to tamp it down. If the media isn’t going to tamp it down. If the politicians aren’t willing to tamp it down then it’s going to have to be the good people who take it upon themselves to ‘tamp it down.’

However , the same good people are going to have to insist that the criminals are held accountable and that includes people in the highest positions down to the man on the street.You can’t stop evil. We will never stop evil but we can get it in check.

We can keep in mind that the victims of these heinous crimes are not going to care about our gun debates or political arguments. They’re hurting. They’ll need healing,,support and prayer.

We might want to consider the awful murder rates in some of our cities, notably Chicago. The type of attacks that make the news are horrible but rare. The street violence that has communities living in fear are the rule, not the exception. It’s evil. Nobody wants to hear me pontificate though. i don’t even want to hear myself pontificate.

Truth is, I’m not telling people anything they don’t already know. I’m only stating the obvious.

Decoding Elon Musk’s placing of his Twitter bid ‘on hold’ ‹ Nwo Report ‹ Reader —

There are a few possible explanations behind Musk’s sudden move.Perhaps Musk realizes that his initial bid was too high and is attempting to compel Twitter to return to the negotiating table in order to lower the price. Legal experts say Twitter’s board would risk being sued if it agreed to a lower price without serious justification.Another possibility is that Musk is looking for a way out.It must be remembered that the stock of Tesla plummeted by 7% when Musk announced his Twitter takeover. Perhaps Tesla’s Board of Directors was not pleased that Musk plans to finance his Twitter takeover by borrowing against the value of his holdings in Tesla. Perhaps the Tesla Board thinks that Musk would become a divisive figure that hurts the Tesla brand if he took over Twitter. Maybe they pressured Musk to withdraw?Musk experienced what it feels like to be in the eye of the storm since his take-over announcement in April. For a month, some of the worst epithets known were conferred upon Musk. Musk understands that as an investor and a businessman getting along with people of all ideological and political persuasions is essential. Musk has seen how President Trump has been baselessly subjected to legal scrutiny and government investigations for merely challenging the status quo. The Securities and Exchange Commission is already investigating Musk over alleged tweets that could influence Tesla’s share price without permission from a company lawyer. The SEC is also investigating Musk’s delayed disclosure of his large stake in Twitter. Perhaps someone in Washington privately warned or threatened or advised Musk to stay away. Perhaps Musk himself wants to go back to focusing on Tesla and his space programs instead of needless hassles? Or perhaps now that Twitter’s books are fully open to inspection by Musk’s accountants and lawyers conducting his due diligence investigation, he has uncovered data that raise questions about the accuracy of the information provided to him and the public.  But a withdrawal wouldn’t be without challenges. Twitter could also sue Musk for breach of contract if he walks away without . Musk and Twitter agreed to a ‘ termination fee’ of $1 billion when the two sides reached a deal last month. But this fee won’t allow Musk to escape without consequence.There have been some unlikely explanations too.

Decoding Elon Musk’s placing of his Twitter bid ‘on hold’ ‹ Nwo Report ‹ Reader —