Why We Voted for Kathy Barnette @Kathy4Truth in Pa. for the U.S. Senate. Here are the facts.

We sent in our absentee ballots knowing we probably wouldn’t be able to make it to the polling station on May 17th. I’m in a wheelchair-hoping it’s only temporary and husband went through 2 strokes a year ago(among other health crisis). Normally we have voted in person but it just wasn’t likely this year.

Now why we cast our vote for Kathy. Please note that my husband always votes for the same people i do because he doesn’t follow campaigns or get into politics. He knows i will do the homework and trusts my judgement. i don’t always make the right choices but i always give them due diligence.

Now for why we voted Kathy. At frist i was reluctant. There was a lot of negative information about Kathy in the past week. It took some sifting through to get to the facts. At first i believed it. The evidence seemed to be against her. It turned out that this ‘evidence’ was likely coming from the Oz smear machine.It could be coming from other sources too but wherever it was coming from it was nothing but a smear. Kathy went on record by video to defend herself and that was the most compelling defense for her. It was after hearing her speak ON RECORD that i cast the vote for her. Husband gave her the 2nf one. In the back of my mind was the nagging thought that this is exactly what they did to Pres Trump when he ran in 2016. Can she win? Yes. Absolutely. i’m not going to get into Oz or McCormick. Looks like it’s a 3 way race and Oz is in a panic.

That’s all i’m going to say.The focus here is what a great candidate Kathy is,not what terrible candidates the other 2 are.

Now for the facts and what you may have heard about Kathy. Yes, she supported erecting a statue of Obama. Hear this out. There were people working to get a monument of Abraham Lincoln removed. The monument depicted a slave kneeling by Lincoln. To some the kneeling slave depicted subservience. So Kathy came up with a compromise to save the Lincoln Monument and address the other concerns .On one side of Lincoln she proposed erecting a statue of Obama and on the other side a statue of Frederick Douglas.

I get how a lot of us feel about Obama. I don’t care for the man at all. i didn’t vote for him nor did i vote for Romney or McCain in our primary. Didn’t care for them either; i knew Obama was going to win. I won’t get into why;it’s a moot point. The bottom line is this; no matter how you feel about Obama he was elected President of the United States for 2 terms. You have to give him that. He was the first black President. Whatever you may think of him or his policies you can’t take that legacy away from him. Now you have to admit that Kathy IS black. Put yourself in her shoes. However, the idea that she was just supporting a statue of Obama to be erected is garbage. A LIE. I thought it was a fair compromise and saved the monument to Lincoln. If they’ll lie about a few things they’ll certainly lie about others.

Yes, she said a lot of things about Trump years ago but let’s be honest here. There were good people who said a lot of the same things about Trump (some worse)who came around and became loyal supporters in the end. It’s not a club she belonged to alone. Think back to 2016. Now some of those same people are 100% Trump supporters. i’d rather have a convert who came around than someone who claimed to support him then stabbed him in the back. We have those too in the Republican party.By the end of his first term people were as impressed as his base was. He was a great President and the same naysayers agree. It became a nagging thought in the back of my mind. There were people saying the same things about Kathy that they said about Trump.

Is Kathy a homophobe? If she’s a homophobe then i’m a homophobe. Not everyone is on board with the Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriage. We’re allowed. We can disagree on the issue. I’m sorry but that does not make us homophobes. I know Pres Trump doesn’t consider it an issue. He appointed the first openly gay ambassador with Richard Grenell.I like Rick as a person. i don’t approve of his lifestyle. If it had been me i would never have appointed an openly gay man to any position. On this our President and i disagree but the Supreme Court has ruled and as wrong as i think that decision was it’s already done. i’m taking it off the table as a campaign issue. As long as my freedom of conscience is respected by Trump-and it is- that’s all i can ask for. It’s not a deal breaker. Trump is not Catholic so i can’t expect him to make decisions based on the same criteria i go by. Now abortion is another matter. I am adamantly pro life.

So is Trump and so is Kathy.

It’s an issue that matters a lot to me. It is a deal breaker.

When it comes down to electing officials sometimes i have to pick the lesser of 2 evils; who will be the most pro life of the 2,that is who will do the least harm. The alternative is usually a pro abortion candidate who will do the most harm.

Kathy has made some comments re Islam. She’s entitled to her point of view and i think she’s worth hearing out. .

Same sex marriage & Islam are not issues that are on the table anyway.

i don’t see the point in bringing them up then using them to attack Kathy.

Last time i checked we are still allowed to disagree P(FREE SPEECH) and have honest debate and discussion but if they’re not issues don’t go there. The left pulls that trick.

The left is not the only party guilty of smearing people’s good reputation. The Republican establishment is known for doing it too. The Oz campaign accused Kathy of supporting BLM and defunding the police.

Here is proof positive it was the work of the Oz smear machine.

Should Kathy win the primary-and i’m hoping she does-Pres Trump will support her. She has the full endorsement of the America First blog as we fully support Pres.Trump. I intend to vote for him in 2024. PERIOD. Totally committed to supporting him.I stand by him. i stand by Kathy. She will make a fine U.S. Senator and i’d be proud to play this small role in making it happen with the vote i already cast! I have not changed my mind about Trump. Not going to happen. i did change my mind about Kathy when i learned the truth.Got our vote! Follow @Kathy4Truth on Twitter. She’s the real deal and puts these Oz smears to rest.

Kathy Barnette for U.S. Senate


REMINDER: Judge in Sussmann Trial is Married to Lisa Page’s Lawyer – The Last Refuge

Just a brief reminder as you review the decisions in the pre-trial motions for the case against Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussman.It is worth remembering that Judge Christopher Cooper is married to Amy Jeffries, Lisa Page’s lawyer.

REMINDER: Judge in Sussmann Trial is Married to Lisa Page’s Lawyer – The Last Refuge
(Foreground left) Lisa Page, FBI Lawyer, (Foreground right) Amy Jeffries (Judge Cooper’s wife)

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