Let’s Talk Being Prepared. Weather Forecast Tues. night into Wed.

Before we look at the forecast let’s talk about awareness and preparedness one more time. The couple with these 2 adorable toddlers did one of the best things they could do.Great choice of a safe space. They didn’t have a basement but they did have a bathroom that was more in the center of their house with plenty of walls between them and a potential tornado. That was a plus. A basement is the best choice if you have one. It would be THE lowest level of the house. They picked the next best choice. Hats off for that one!

Now let’s talk about preparedness.

  1. First become weather aware. It pays to know the forecast for your area and that’s something that only takes a few minutes.i highly recommend the storm prediction center in every discussion of weather. Check out their convection reports. See if your area is in a risk area. Check in with Ryan Hall Ya’ll or N8 Snyder on You Tube. They do great forecasting and nowcasting; that is, when there is an event they will live stream. https://www.youtube.com/c/RyanHallYall and https://www.youtube.com/c/N8SnyderYT
  2. Check into your local forecast of course. Go one better and get a NOAA weather radio with alarm. We have an inexpensive Midland. This is your surest way to get a warning if there’s anything going on in your area. The Storm Prediction Convective Reports. You’ll get a visual. Very useful. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/
  3. Now for your preparedness. Make sure you CAN get a warning. A tornado watch means conditions are favorable for a tornado to form. A tornado⚠️WARNING⚠️ means it’s there.🌪️🌪️🌪️So now what? Long before an event ever takes place have a plan. You know where your safe space is. You will get there as soon as the warning goes off. You don’t debate whether to get there or not. Get There! A tornado is only going to give you minutes, maybe seconds. That’s it. There’s no time to debate. Stay put until the authorities give you an all clear. Tornadoes can recycle.Have a way to get warnings whether that’s your cell phone,weather radio or local tv broadcast.Some way to get an alert especially during the night when you may be sleeping.
  4. Here’s what to have ready or even IN your safe space at all times. A flashlight or 2 and they’re charged. If there is a tornado you are going to lose power. Even during a severe storm event it can happen but during a tornado it’s almost a sure thing. Helmets-if you have them or some kind of head covering ie mattress. Most injuries are from debris. Have a NOAA weather radio. IF you don’t have one i highly recommend one. So you’ve got your safe space all picked out, the flashlights are handy, the radio will give you a warning especially if it’s late at night and you might be sleeping. We also have a first aid kit in our basement. So that’s weather radio, helmet or head covering, flashlights, and first aid kit[optional but not a bad idea either].
  5. Do NOT be in a mobile home or vehicle. Whatever you need that day get it before the weather is going to move in. If you’re in a mobile home and there’s severe weather in the forecast have arrangements to go to another location in a sturdy building long before the weather hits. A mobile home or vehicle are NOT safe. PERIOD. There is no reason to be in either. Let’s all have our plan for our safe space.
  6. Tornadoes can form anywhere ,anytime given the right conditions. The ONLY place on the planet that will never get a tornado is the Antarctic but we don’t live there. It’s because the condition are never there. A tornado can occur anywhere , anytime as long as the conditions ARE there. It could be the middle of winter, even Christmas Day, Yes, there is a time of year they’re more apt to happen but that’s because it’s that time of year when the conditions are most likely. That doesn’t mean those conditions can’t come up any other time. Nothing stops a tornado. Not a hill, mountain, water or skyscrapers.Do not go into an underpass if you’re caught driving. It may look like the safest place and it’s tempting but it’s nothing more than a wind tunnel and if the tornado is close you’re done for. Yes, people have done it and lived to talk about it but they lucked out. i wouldn’t count on luck in any weather event, let alone a tornado. An underpass is just very dangerous. One of THE worst places to be during a tornado even though it looks safe. https://science.howstuffworks.com/nature/natural-disasters/are-underpasses-safe-during-tornado.htm You won’t get caught off guard if you become weather aware.

So let’s do the list again:

  1. Be Weather Aware
  2.  Pick your safe space
  3.  Have a flashlight or 2 handy. Helmets or head covering, First Aid kit if you like. A way to get warnings. Arrangements for a solid building if you’re in a mobile home and go there way ahead of the event. Weather radio-hope you do have one,if not hope you can get one. Finally, get to your safe space as soon as the warning is issued-sooner if you know you will soon be warned. Time is critical. You don’t have much time. It matters. By the time you decide if you should go to the safe space there may be little to no time left. It’s better when the weather man is wrong but he only has to be right once. Don’t leave the space until you get an all clear. 
  4. Again, weather radio, helmets/covering,flashlight(s) that work, first aid kit as an extra addition that could prove useful. Above all weather awareness, a way to get alerts, a plan and a safe space with as many walls between you and the tornadic activity as possible. Go into a basement,closet or bathroom but not a mobile home or car.
  5. Don’t be scared,be prepared! Don’t blow it off either. HUGE mistake.


https://www.weatherusa.net/radio LIVE. NOAA WEATHER RADIO ONLINE FREE


No, i am not getting paid to promote Midland or compensated in any way. We happen to own one, the price was right and it works very well. They’re known for their NOAA Weather radios but pick a brand of your choosing; as long as you have one that works and you use it,that’s all that matters.