Market panic because of Biden and Powell’s inflation incoherence

That’s why we had wild, nearly 2,000-point swing in the Dow in two days. Up 932 on Wednesday, it closed 1,063 down on Thursday — because Powell conducts a monetary policy that appears to have no firm mission.Does Powell really want to clamp down on inflation that is raging toward double digits and eating away at the incomes of working-class Americans? A couple of weeks ago he said he did, with a vengeance. Inflation is after all the most important part of the Fed’s dual mandate (price stability traditionally comes before promoting economic growth). Stocks began to sell off; bond yields rose.Then Wednesday he revealed that it really wasn’t top of mind and that he doesn’t want to be too hawkish. He favors 50 basis point increases to interest rates rather than, say, 75 basis points.There will also be no massive unwinding of the Fed’s balance sheet, which further reduces the money supply and squeezes excesses out of an inflated economy and speculative markets.

Market panic because of Biden and Powell’s inflation incoherence