(567) Democrats should consider removing ‘cognitive wreck’ Joe Biden from office – YouTube

(567) Democrats should consider removing ‘cognitive wreck’ Joe Biden from office – YouTube
Everyone knows. The whole world knows. Our enemies know. The media knows and they’ve provided cover for him since the 2020 campaign. It’s not going too well for them lately. Can’t hide Joe forever .Jill Biden knows. What is the matter with her?

Biden needs a cognitive exam NOW. They kept bringing up the 25th amendment for Trump and he finally put it rest with a cognitive exam. The results were made public. Biden refuses the test.

It’s obvious that Biden is in a state of mental decline. I’m no doctor so i can’t say what’s causing it but my eyes work and I can see what’s happening as well as anyone can. You have to wonder what Jill Biden is thinking. Nobody with a lick of sense or compassion would do this to their own husband. No real friend would let Joe continue on. Joe is not the guy next door though. He’s in the office of President and that carries a lot of weight.

Could this be a case of elder abuse? He is being publicly humiliated. He is struggling every time he makes a public appearance. Each one worse than the last. You couldn’t do that to your own husband, brother or even a distant family member. You have to think the guy has the nuclear football too. Everything he does affects the American people not just his own family. They wanted him in the oval. They need to take responsibility.

The Democrats pushed Trump into a cognitive exam. They’re the ones who kept bringing up the 25th amendment. He aced it and they shut up. Biden refuses to take the test. You would think the media would ask why but you can’t do that when you’re trying to cover for him.

I didn’t vote for Biden. I personally think he’s one of the worst President’s i’ve seen in my lifetime. I’m convinced Trump won but the election was rigged & there was fraud in the critical states i know that’s not a good look to be insisting on a test for Joe; NORMALLY i would say let it go and vote him out the next time.

The key word is normally. There’s nothing normal about the situation were in. We have a sitting U.S. President who could have Dementia or Alzheimer’s -some type of cognitive decline-and it’s straight up dangerous for the country. i don’t even care about Joe’s age. If he were 90 and mentally sharp it wouldn’t be a problem. Reagan was no spring chick and he was mentally capable of fulfilling the duties of President. i’m sure you know older folks who are sharper than some younger people. My mother was in her 80’s and she was amazing. Unfortunately that’s not the case for everyone and Joe may be one of those. Set aside my own bias against Joe and realize it’s a genuine concern; if not for Joe, for the country.

Bias aside t it’s reasonable to expect Biden to take the test and assure the country Joe has NOT checked out. He sure looks it. Prove us wrong and get it over with. Let’s hear from a doctor. Joe’s not running the country is he? He’s just going through the motions and he’s not even doing that well. When a staffer in an Easter Bunny costume has to whisk you off something is clearly wrong. Joe takes few to no questions, reads off a cheat sheet and more often than not ends a speech by saying he’s not allowed to take questions. He’s not allowed? Who doesn’t find that peculiar?

The media can’t cover up and lie for him anymore. Nobody trusts them either. You have to go to overseas media to get the anything that resembles the truth. This is a serious matter. Like i said, EVERYONE knows. If it were Trump it’d have been over a year ago. They certainly tried. Now we have a REAL case of mental decline and they think they can keep it hidden when the whole world sees it.