Remember the fallen and thank a vet

Now that we can finally spend time with our families and have our outdoor picnics for Memorial Day remember that it was our fathers who fought in WWII, our fathers who fought in Vietnam, our fathers who fought in Afghanistan [and other conflicts] that we’re so blessed with the freedom to enjoy the holidays.

Our soldiers don’t need to be woke. Our soldiers don’t need to learn CRT. Our soldiers don’t need to work out which gender they might be.Our soldiers are willing to die on foreign soil to protect our God given rights here.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful day. Enjoy the food, family, friends and above all else your freedom.

Remember our fallen. Thank a vet.

Wireless expert: Fact-checkers of ‘2000 Mules’ don’t know tech

The CEO of a wireless company says fact checkers for PolitiFact and the Associated Press who question the accuracy of cellphone geolocation data presented by True the Vote as evidence of an alleged vote-fraud scheme in the battleground states in 2020 don’t know what they’re talking about.An AP fact check said “experts say cellphone location data, even at its most advanced, can only reliably track a smartphone within a few meters — not close enough to know whether someone actually dropped off a ballot or just walked or drove nearby.”

Wireless expert: Fact-checkers of ‘2000 Mules’ don’t know tech

However, Volta Wireless founder David Sinclair told the Gateway Pundit the fact-checkers “don’t have the technical foundation for the comments that they are making.”

His company provides software and services to protects users from being tracked by the government, wireless companies or the tech giants.

Rep. Norman, House Freedom Caucus Call on Biden to Drop WHO Amendments

President Joe Biden’s proposed amendments to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) authority are “the greatest threat to our sovereignty that we’ve faced in a long time,” Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) told The Epoch Times on May 23.“For this administration to sell this country down the river like he’s doing, to deal with somebody who is under the influence of China, who is a person who has not had the first inclination to investigate where the coronavirus came from, to give him more authority?” the South Carolina Republican asked. “We’re going to ring the bells.”The individual whom Norman was referencing is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a former government minister from Ethiopia who has been the WHO’s director-general since 2017.

Rep. Norman, House Freedom Caucus Call on Biden to Drop WHO Amendments

Stolen Elections: A Tale of Two D.C. Courtrooms › American Greatness Excellent Article!

Michael Sussmann, a lawyer formerly employed at Perkins Coie, the influential law firm that funded the infamous Steele dossier on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, is on trial for lying to the FBI. Sussmann is accused of presenting phony data alleged to prove a connection between Trump and a Russian bank to the department just weeks before Election Day 2016.

Tucker Carlson Discusses the Elizabeth Warren Factor Inside the Biden Economy, Ultimately This was the Price of Her Endorsement in 2020 – The Last Refuge

Tucker Carlson accurately puts the spotlight on former presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, as he outlines the destructive nature of the Joe Biden economic and energy policies.  Warren is an academic. Everything Warren has created and advocated comes from theory and academics.  Senator Warren has never built anything, created anything, or worked on a system to contribute anything.  Elizabeth Warren is 100% an academic and activist wonk, just like Barack Obama.Tucker is right to focus on Warren because as we have outlined previously, control over energy policy and economic influence was the price candidate Warren demanded in 2020 for going along with the plan to install Joe Biden.  Her endorsement came with the demand that she be allowed to take her energy and economic theories and put them into actual economic policy for the Biden administration.  Tucker’s the first person I have seen to connect the two.

Tucker Carlson Discusses the Elizabeth Warren Factor Inside the Biden Economy, Ultimately This was the Price of Her Endorsement in 2020 – The Last Refuge

Most Don’t Know it Was Andrew Weissmann Who Publicly Released the Carter Page FISA Application, Even Fewer Know Why – The Last Refuge

This has been one of the odd aspects to the special counsel investigation deployed under the nameplate of Robert Mueller.   However, with the trial of Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann bringing more curious minds to the backstories, here’s one that few people understand.You will remember the massive media debate in early 2018 about the FISA application deployed against former short-time Trump campaign aide Carter Page.  The DOJ, at the time under the control of the Mueller special counsel for all things Trump-Russia related, wouldn’t let congress see the FISA application. Devin Nunes complained to House Speaker Paul Ryan.Eventually a deal was struck and two members from the House Intelligence committee (democrats and republicans) and two members from the House Judiciary Committee, were allowed to go to Main Justice and read the FISA application, but not copy it.  Four congressmen were allowed to go read and take notes. Trey Gowdy and John Ratcliffe represented the two republicans, and their notes formed the basis for what later was called “The Nunes Memo.”

The Democrats were not happy with the claims in the Nunes memo, and subsequently HPSCI ranking member Adam Schiff wrote the democrat version.

Most Don’t Know it Was Andrew Weissmann Who Publicly Released the Carter Page FISA Application, Even Fewer Know Why – The Last Refuge

As we know Schiff was[is]almost as big of a liar as Biden is. Remember when he was on every talk show time after time claiming he had evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. He never produced it and the media never questioned him. Remember Schiff claiming he had no contact with the Ukraine whistleblower and that turned out to be a lie. Why would anyone with a brain cell trust his memo? He was constantly pushing the Russia lie then the Ukraine lie. He had a vested interest in covering up for all the wrong doing (the infamous FISA app)including his own. Let’s be honest-every action of the Democrat party was to destroy the Trump administration and Pres. Trump personally.