I’d Bet the Farm These Rats Were Behind Jan 6,2021

Take a look at the plot to kidnap Gov Whitmer. The full report mentions that there was a plan to storm the Michigan capitol too. We know the FBI hatched the Whitmer kidnapping plot. We know there were more feds than participants in that plot. The Democrats naturally pinned it on Trump.

Everyone knew there was going to be a Trump rally in DC on Jan 6th. We know that Trump had not conceded the election to Biden. We know that he was of the opinion the 2020 election was a farce.We thought the 2020 election was a farce. I was promoting the rally in the blog. i was also including a warning with the entry because there were unknown people putting the word out that something was up. I thought that something might be up.I didn’t put anything past the Anti Trump crowd. I also thought it might be possible Democrat operatives were just trying to discourage anyone from attending the rally. I put the warning out there and figured if people did go they needed to be cautious and aware that something might be afoot. I also thought if they were concerned enough they could consider not going at all. I never did find out who these anonymous sources were. You’d run into them in chat rooms, read their comments on social media, pick the idea up from other blogs albeit briefly. They would come and go. Somebody wanted us to find out. All they would do is mention the feds.There was never any specific info. Now i wish i knew where this info came from,who the sources were.

The rally in DC was well advertised.Everyone in DC knew where,what time and when the rally was going to be held. It was public information. No deep dark secret cabal of Trump supporters hatching up a plot; but the FBI, media and Democrats would certainly be willing to take advantage of the event. I’d bet the farm the FBI was hatching a plot and certain people were well aware they had something in mind. Those certain people would be the higher ups like Pelosi who is directly responsible for the security of the Capitol Building. McConnell could very well have been in on it, but Pelosi for sure.God knows who else, as we will see in a bit.

Pelosi put up tons of security AFTER the breach but for the rally? Nope. Trump was willing to give it to her and she said no. That had to be part of the FBI plot.How many agents were involved is hard to say but we know of one agent that was there for sure, RAY EPPS. He’s a little gadfly on the 6th. Many of the protestors were already there BEFORE the rally or before Trump said a word about the Capitol.

We know some of the Capitol police let the protestors in the building. They weren’t concerned at all about being harmed.It looks almost like they are escorting them into the Capitol (video footage). Another words when Trump asked the crowd to march and protest peacefully at the Capitol Building they did so. Yes, there was some violence but overall the crowd didn’t commit any crimes other than trespassing and parading.The ONLY killing was the shooting of Ashley Babbit, a Trump supporter. Nobody at the building was armed so you could hardly call it an insurrection. The media first reported that a protestor had struck and killed a police officer with a fire extinguisher. It never happened.

Fast Forward to the present: if you haven’t figured out that Mitch McConnell and Speaker Pelosi conspire when it serves the status quo you aren’t paying close enough attention. It was always obvious Pelosi couldn’t stand Trump and would do anything to destroy him. McConnell kept it under wraps more. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger obviously wanted to destroy Trump too so Pelosi went outside her authority and appointed them to the fake Jan 6 committee. The sole purpose of the committee is to take down Trump before the 2024 election. Kevin McCarthy could have raised hell about the move by Pelosi.He didn’t protest that hard when the Speaker rejected his appointment of Jim Jordan and Jim Banks. You recall he was very protective of Liz Cheney. Some of the Republicans wanted her removed as conference chair after she voted to impeach Trump. Guess who stuck up for her? We have since learned about a private phone call between the 2 -Cheney and McCarthy- where they discussed getting Trump to resign or removing him with the 25th Amendment. Who leaked this call? It certainly wasn’t McCarthy. It begs the question; how could McCarthy be stupid enough to think she wasn’t recording the call? Why do rats think they can trust other rats?

You have to stop and wonder how many people there are in Congress like McConnell and McCarthy who are two faced? You know where people like Cheney and Kinzinger stand. They’ve made their feelings well known. You know there’s good people like Jim Jordan. They’ve made their feelings well known. It’s the quieter people you can’t always be sure of.

We know the FBI is corrupt. We lived through 4 yrs of the Russia Hoax and their direct involvement. They played a major role in the plot. Let’s not forget the raid on Roger Stone coordinated with the CNN crew.How about that fake black ledger they used to nail Paul Manafort. The ledger was as credible as the Steele Dossier. And of course the ridiculous plot by the FBI to kidnap Gov Whitmer just a month out from the Jan 6 riot at the Capitol Building. The reason there were anonymous sources spreading the word of a possible plot by the feds for Jan 6 is that they knew. It was a warning. I didn’t take it as seriously as i should have at the time. The blog mentioned it but my hair should have been on fire.It certainly dawned on me after.

ALL these people were quick to call it an insurrection and blame President Trump. We know it wasn’t. We know Pres Trump wasn’t plotting to overthrow anyone. He called on VP Pence that day to ‘do the right thing.’ What was the right thing? Trump had no intention to commit sedition or cause an insurrection. He had no plot for the protestors to stop the electoral count. Everything Trump had in mind was within his rights according to the Constitution. There was no plot of any kind. PERIOD.He never called on the protestors to do anything but peacefully march to and protest at the Capitol. PERIOD. It’s all recorded in video. Were these opinions correct? The Supreme Court could have decided that. The bottom line is Trump did nothing criminal or unconstitutional. The whole charge of causing an insurrection, that never happened anyway, is nonsense. It’s cover for the cabal. Here are just a few lawyers who point out why Pence could have rejected votes, that is ‘did the right thing.’

 An analysis of the American Constitution and its subsequent election laws by two prominent law professors suggests that if there are Electoral College votes still in dispute when they are counted in Congress, the vice president, as presiding officer, could simply choose which to count.


Constitutional lawyer Ivan Raiklin on Dec. 22 sent out a tweet urging Vice President Mike Pence to inform the secretaries of state in six contested states that he cannot accept their certified electors because they were not legally appointed due to overwhelming evidence of election fraud.

Raiklin contends that the U.S. Constitution grants the Vice President the power to overturn a manifestly fraudulent election

 Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, the man whose face adorns Mt Rushmore, among the most revered founding fathers of our country, only became President because he used his unilateral power as President of the Senate to open and count the presidential ballots.

Citations: https://politicalvelcraft.org/2020/12/28/deciding-the-electoral-votes-january-6-will-vice-president-pence-gaslight-his-constitutional-duty/

I was thinking myself if Pence did the right thing,as proposed by these lawyers (there were others with the same opinion),his actions would prompt the Supreme Court to weigh in.

The fact that Trump had to HOPE Pence would do the right thing was a sign he questioned whether Pence had the courage to do it or if he was more apt to go with the status quo.i think most of us knew exactly where Pence stood. There are just too many people in Congress guarding the status quo.Then you have your outspoken anti Trumpers; at least those people are out in the open. Unfortunately nobody is forcing the FBI to clean up its act and the DOJ is under the control of Merrick Garland. The bad actors in the Russia Hoax, from the Clinton campaign to the FBI, were never held accountable and they certainly won’t be now with Garland. There’s no reason to think the FBI wouldn’t hatch up a plot they were 99.9% sure they could get away with. I’m convinced they played a large role in the riot of Jan 6. I’m not saying that some of the protestors couldn’t be charged with sedition-i honestly don’t know if that’s the case- but i’m sure the FBI and some in Congress were more involved than we know.

Is there ANYONE willing to look into it? I’m still waiting.

We’re allowed to question an election. The Democrats have done it every time a Republican is elected. Trump was banned from social media for raising legitimate concerns about the 2020 election. What were they afraid of us finding out?

We Have to Get REAL Serious. REAL Serious Weather Coming!🌪️🌪️🌪️

If you’re in the target area time to get ready. If you’re not in the target area this will still be helpful. Here’s the link to the Storm Prediction Center where you can determine if you are in the target area. Take a look. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/outlook/

You can always check it out. A few minutes every day wouldn’t hurt.Then you’ll have a good idea of what’s up for YOUR neck of the woods. Be WEATHER AWARE. Beats getting caught off guard doesn’t it?

I’m going to write out the steps again for dealing with tornadoes

  5. STAY OUT OF A MOBILE HOME OR CAR DURING THE EVENT. Make arrangements ahead of time.Know where you are going to shelter and get there asap.
  6. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING CHARGED UP FOR ALL THE DEVICES YOU ARE GOING TO USE! A flashlight with dead batteries has no use. A dead cell phone has no use either.

Your safe space should have as many sound walls between you and tornadic activity as possible. Stay away from windows. Have a flashlight and cell phone handy. i highly recommend having a NOAA weather radio. Got helmets? Great. Use them. If not, a mattress for cover would help. Anything providing cover from debris helps. We keep a first aid kit handy here. It’s always in our safe space; which is the  basement. The best  spot for safety is the lowest level of your home or apartment and a basement,short of a shelter,is the lowest level.

A watch means keep an eye out. Monitor your weather. Have the weather radio on. If you’ve waited till the watch and haven’t abandoned your car or mobile home it’s still not too late. 

A warning means danger,danger. Someone has spotted a torando or it’s showing up on radar aka radar indicated. It doesn’t matter how they found it-it’s out there.

Most towns/cities have a siren that goes off. It means that the tornado has been spotted and the situation is dangerous Get to the safe space immediately if you’re not there already! Come out when authorities tell you it is safe.

Got any questions, shoot. if i don’t have an answer will try to get one for  you.Feel free to share comments too especially if i’ve missed something. Let me know.