Why Liz Cheney,Adam Kinzinger, Mitch McConnell et al Can Kiss My Butt #Trump2024 #MAGA

I don’t expect any of our Presidents to be perfect. When i voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 i had no illusions he was a flawless human being. When i vote for him again in 2024 the same will be true. i know that i’ll be voting for one of the greatest Presidents of my lifetime but that doesn’t mean he won’t make any mistakes at all or never do anything i disagree with. There’s a few things i expect of any President,including Trump. Above all they should love our country. If that box doesn’t have a checkmark don’t waste my time.

Unfortunately there’s a whole cabal of persons, Republicans included, that don’t respect the will of the American people. People like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Mitch McConnell. i figured the Democrat Marxists opposed Trump. That was a given,but i didn’t think there was as many swamp creatures in the Republican party as we have found out there are.

The abuse that President Trump took while he was in office was like nothing i’d ever seen. Obama/Biden corrupted our agencies, particularly the FBI, and helped Hillary Clinton and her gang go after Trump with the Russia Collusion lie. The media was an active participant in their corruption. They threw everything they had at Trump and his supporters.You can’t tell me that some of the Republicans weren’t silently hoping Trump was a 1 term President. When it came to the 2020 election BOTH sides revealed themselves.

Here’s the deal: it’s not up to these people to decide who we should support for President and it’s not their job to try and destroy him. They’re not doing the country any favors.They’re certainly not doing the American people any favors either.

i don’t care if some of these people have a personal vendetta against Trump.I don’t even care if their animus is justified. It could be. It’s STILL not their job. I could name 2 of THEIR picks for our candidate that i plugged my nose and voted for. I even defended them because i was concerned if i attacked them they might not win. Would i do it again if it were possible to go back and do it all over? NOPE. NOT A CHANCE. I was proud to vote for Trump though and can hardly wait to vote for him a 3rd time. You can’t tell me he didn’t win in 2020. You could get banned from Twitter for saying that. The Marxist Democrats and some Republicans will call you an insurrectionist for saying that. Rep Matt Gaetz criticized anti Trumper Liz Cheney and he was accused of breaking the law by a Republican associate.

These Republicans are only giving the phony Jan 6 commission support for their rotten stink to heaven plot.

You know what they’re really doing? They’re betraying their own country.When you involve yourself in a plot like the one they’re working on that’s exactly what they’re doing. The Republicans on that committee could be using their time and energy better by going after the corrupt Biden administration. Pelosi appointed them specifically and especially because they are anti Trumpers. She had no authority to do so but i bet you dimes to dollars if McCarthy would have had a spine she wouldn’t have got away with it. McCarthy protected Cheney. It speaks volumes. He revealed himself as a rat right then and there.

There was no insurrection on Jan 6. The media knows it. They know it just like they knew Trump never colluded with Russia. They even knew there were no grounds for his impeachment either. We all saw what happened that day on Jan 6th. You could call it a riot but that’s as far as it goes. There’s a good chance the feds were behind a plot they set up for the day of the rally. Regardless, it wasn’t an insurrection. They can call it that till the cows come home and it’s still not close. We’ve seen the video of police officers letting the protestors into the building. We saw many people who peacefully entered the building-and that’s not to say there weren’t people who were violent. Nobody is making that claim but it was hardly an insurrection and no worse than the violence we witnessed breaking out in our cities in 2020. The violence that Biden and Harris never condemned. The violence the media excused. The violence that amounted to a REAL insurrection.

Now that i’m done ranting, how about everyone step back for a few minutes and think about what these people did to our candidate, our President and us. Everything they did. We put up with it. We spoke out on Twitter and social media-got banned for it. We even held peaceful boat rallies in the summer. We carried Trump signs and wore our MAGA hats. We believed that in America you resolve problems at the ballot box.

We were sure the wrongdoing would be investigated, eventually exposed and the perpetrators would be held accountable if found guilty after due process. We waited patiently but it didn’t happen.

Still most of the people at the Capitol Building in DC on Jan 6 marched and protested peacefully just like Pres Trump asked them to do.

Now compare that to the treatment of the insurrectionists who were trying to drive Pres. Trump out of office,including the ones who attempted to storm the White House and injured some 50 Secret Service agents.

Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger can sit on the Jan 6 committee and in good conscience help the Marxists because of their poor hurt feelings? You mean the pat on the back they’re getting from the corrupt media and Democrats doesn’t bother them one bit? i hope it’s worth it to them but frankly it’s absolutely disgraceful. All they’re doing is offering support to a corrupt deep state that will chew them up and spit them out in the end. That aside,the damage they’re doing to the country as a whole is incalculable. The consequences will go far beyond what they think they will be. We can hope we win this battle. If we don’t i can’t imagine how our country will recover. The left won’t care. They hardly care now about the damage Biden is already doing to the country.  We have to vote out these swamp Republicans too. In some ways they’re more damaging than the Democrats. They can all kiss my butt as far as i’m concerned. Let me make this clear too; I’m a strong advocate of non violent protest/civil disobedience as taught by Martin Luther King Jr. and i wasn’t even close to DC on Jan 6th. In fact, i’ve never been there. PERIOD.

Thankful we have Republicans like Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Ron Johnson, John Kennedy, Chuck Grassley and a handful of others like them-plus our MAGA candidates on the way in the mid terms.