When You’re Crazy & Won’t Admit It

You take a good look at the year 2022 in the United States and the only conclusion you can reach is that as a country we’ve lost touch with reality.Donald Trump was right. All Biden had to do was take office and leave his policies alone. Joe took a wrecking ball the first day. It would have made sense if the policies were failing. They weren’t. A person with a lick of brains would have built on Trump’s successes and just taken credit for it. Not Joe. H’e reversed darned near every Trump policy and destroyed every good deal he negotiated. Wait till the Biden admin gets done with USMC deal. Thank God the mid terms aren’t that far away now and 2024 will just be 2 yr away after that.

I’m voting Trump in 2024. There’s only one issue i’ve ever disagreed with Trump on and that is his acceptance of same sex marriage. It’s probably a good thing he took it off the table altogether. The one thing you never hear the media accuse Trump of and that is homophobia. It’s obvious why they don’t.When it comes to same sex marriage Trump has the attitude of you do your thing even if it’s not mine. As long as it’s off the table it’s one less issue to argue over. We part company on that one issue. People of the same gender can’t BE married. The sex act itself (intercourse)is a union that reflects the union of marriage. What same sex partners engage is nothing more than mutual masturbation. When a male/female have sex children can be reproduced. It’s an act of love and unity that results in the miracle of creation.When people of the same gender engage in sex acts of all kinds EXCEPT that union it’s a dead end. It’s self gratification. Partners in same sex ‘marriages’ are rarely monogamous. Someone is bound to mention the exceptions but it’s rare. i won’t get into the sex acts that are performed on each other but none of them lead to intercourse. It’s impossible because they aren’t designed for it. Male and female genitalia make sense. They are designed for each other. Everyone of us has a family member that is gay. Our admitting reality isn’t meant to say we bully or assault them- we care for all our family members-but we have to be willing to admit it’s a disordered attraction too. Compassion means care. It does not mean enabling the gay life style to the detriment of the person. Be realistic. Take a real close look at the gay lifestyle and what that means.I would hope we love these persons enough to be willing to help them come to terms with the disorder. They can live a full happy life in spite of it.

Our country has become even more out of touch with reality. There are people who believe-they really have convinced themselves-there is no such thing as male and female.i’m sorry but science and objective reality say otherwise. The deal with identifying pronouns is just nonsense. We’re not kids living in a fantasy world of our own making. You’re a male wanting to look more like a female or a female wanting to look more like a male you have a problem but it’s not major; you want to surgically change your gender or in your own mind you’re the other gender you’ve lost touch with reality.When you’re going to indoctrinate children with this nonsense you’re sick and dangerous. It’s not bad enough our Dept of Education is replacing the role of parents and sexualizing them at younger and younger ages they’re reaching into kindergarten up to 3rd grade. They’re failing at teaching them basic subjects and taking over the roles only a parent should have. The Dept of Education needs abolished.It’s failing our children. You don’t have to be a genius to know that talking to children about your sex life is out of bounds and it’s not a goal of education. Only a sick twisted mind would think that. Our children are falling miles behind the children of other countries. Minority children suffer the most from these failed policies.I’d like to do a whole entry devoted to school choice as well as dissolving the Dept of Education.

We must never tolerate evil. The implications are enormous.

If i have an issue with same sex ‘marriage’ then i also have an issue with same sex partners adopting children. Children need a mother and father,not a mother/mother or father/father. I’m stating the obvious but you wouldn’t know it. A mother and father is a design by nature. I know there are children born out of wedlock. The best answer to that problem is marriage. The worst answer is same sex partners. Unfortunately i think same sex partners are adopting out of their own self interest. I’m not saying a mother and father couldn’t have children out of their own self interest but that’s not usually the case. The only time i would say the biological parents [or parent] is a problem is when child abuse is involved.We have a remedy and that is law enforcement but that doesn’t change the need of children for a mother and father. Our policies should always support the nuclear family. The nuclear family is not only lacking support,it’s being attacked.

The nuclear family is the building block of a civilized society

Donald Trump’s acceptance of same sex ‘marriage’ is not a deal breaker for me. It’s helpful that it’s not on the table at this point. I am convinced that it’s up to the churches to deal with the issue and talk to their congregations,especially the Catholic Church. I do know Trump understands the importance of the nuclear family. I do know he is more pro life than any previous president and Biden is pro abortion. Biden is Catholic. Trump’s position on abortion is more in line with Catholic teaching-Biden opposes his own Church. I also know that President Trump defended religious freedom and freedom of conscience. He didn’t have a problem with people who did not accept same sex ‘marriage.’ He simply had his own pov and his NOT being Catholic matters. It matters because the Church considers abortion and same sex marriage as non negotiable issues. Trump’s position doesn’t surprise me.Biden’s is shocking and unacceptable. There’s the difference.

Marriage is between a man and woman.PERIOD.

And that brings us to the next topic; transgender.

The pronoun identifiers is nonsense. Worse are people thinking surgery to ‘change’ gender is normal. Worse than that are people thinking that they should indoctrinate our children to reject their own gender and having surgery to ‘correct’ it especially at an age where their sexual identity is still being formed and socialization is still taking place. Put simply, they are not mature enough to discuss the topics. They do not need sexualization at their age. There is no reason to take them away from the influence of their parents who will instill them with their values.You don’t turn them over to the state. They did that in communist Russia and fascist Germany. Now when there is an abusive parent involved that is a matter for law enforcement and the courts. Nobody is advocating for abusive parents to be ignored.

For those that don’t seem to know about gender; it depends on chromosomes. XX is female. XY is male. If you are mentally incapable of dealing with reality seek help, not genital mutilation.

Anyone notice when we accepted one disordered attraction there was a parade of disordered attractions. You can’t accept one and expect to draw a line after that. The line is gone.

The Insanity Surrounding Ukraine

You know why Russia invaded Ukraine. Biden looked the other way. The disaster in Afghanistan was the first time we had a chance to learn the Biden doctrine. He hasn’t articulated one. He can barely speak or put together a coherent thought so it’s not really surprising is it? The Biden doctrine is simple appeasement and chaos. As soon as Biden failed in Afghanistan Putin decided the Russian military would be moving. Trump gave them weapons after the Zelensky request. Biden gave Putin the green light.

Remember Biden saying Putin could make a minor incursion into Ukraine. He supposedly walked it back. It didn’t matter if he did or didn’t. He already said it. It was only the first in a series of Biden stumbles over the Ukrainian crisis.

Everyone knew Putin was planning to invade Ukraine. Biden handled the Ukraine crisis the same way he handled all the crisis he either causes or witnesses. Ignore and act like nothing is going on.

Now we seem to have a split in the Republican party over our response to the invasion. i’m tired of hearing we are worried about the Ukrainian border but not our own. Wrong. We’re worried about both.

I’m tired of people with my position being called neocons. NOBODY wants American troops involved. Let me be clear; no boots on the ground.

We have an invasion on our border although an invasion by illegals and an invasion by another country’s military with tanks, artillery and fighter jets is totally different. The invasion on our border is the Democrats plan. They have no intentions to stop it.It’s a shame that Biden didn’t just sit back on the successful policies of Trump particularly when it came to immigration. Pres Trump was right; Biden didn’t have to do a thing. Biden has destroyed our border and put our nation at risk. This is reason enough to impeach him. The bottom line is we care about the sovereignty of any country especially our own.

Remember what the president of Afghanistan did when he realized Kabul was going to fall? He grabbed the money and ran. He could have stayed and stood up for his own country and his people. Whatever else you might say about Zelensky it’s worth noting he was offered asylum after death threats by Putin-credible death threats(Putin doesn’t play)-and he declined. He chose to stay with his country and his people at great risk to himself.

We have forgotten the lessons of Hitler’s Germany and the consequences of isolationism. We ended up in WWII.

No, I am not advocating for our military involvement or a no fly zone over Ukraine.Both would provoke a direct war between us and Russia. I am advocating to give them all the weapons they need to defeat the Russians themselves and cutting off revenues to Putin; not sanctions on the people of Russia. Sanctions never affect the people they’re intended for. They always hurt the folks who have to tolerate the bad decisions of their leaders.The people at the top are always fine with all kinds of resources to survive.

Then Biden made the worst decision he could have made. At a time when he had gas prices skyrocketing anyway he further exacerbated the problem by giving Putin the green light to keep the Nordstrom Pipeline open for Russia while closing all of our own. Biden intentionally decimated our energy supply in favor of the green new deal. He went begging to Opec and Venezuela. Trump had the United States energy independent. If Biden had kept the Trump energy policies in place the war in Ukraine wouldn’t have affected our supply so gravely (if at all) and gas prices wouldn’t have gotten out of control. Biden couldn’t have picked a worse time to shut down our supply and make us dependent again.

I’ve heard all kinds of crazy stories about Ukraine including the civilian deaths were staged. i can’t think of anything more horrible to say when it’s not true at all.

I don’t like to hear people being called Putin’s stooge either. There are people making comments that Putin can make use of. On the other hand i have run into a few people who talk like Putin is a good guy and had reason to invade Ukraine. Putin is an ex KGB spy. He’s been in power 20+ years. In a country that has elections for show you don’t stay in power that long unless you’re a ruthless thug. Putin is well known for assassinating his opponents and he’s done it to people outside Russia.Distance means nothing. He’s not a good guy capable of altruistic behavior for anyone. His m.o.is stay in power.The invasion of Ukraine has 1 purpose. Create the Great Russian Empire again. How do we know this? He said so himself. Believe people when they tell you their intentions themselves.

For crying out loud do not go around talking up Putin like he’s saint Vladimr. That’s totally crazy. Do some research on the guy.

It bolsters his resolve to get control of Ukraine to install a puppet government but i doubt they make the comments with the intentions of helping Putin. They need to stop though.

IF we had the right leader here we’d have a common cause by now. We’d have foreign policy that makes sense. Instead there is all kinds of misinformation out there and people attacking each other either as neo cons on one side and Putin’s puppets on the other.

It truly is insane. Now for the war zone right at home.


Do I have to state the obvious? You can see the crime wave. There are plenty of reasons that crime is rampant but the movement to defund the police is a direct cause. There’s no avoiding the point. It’s not just insane, it’s stupid as hell. Who’s hurt the most? The minority communities.


BLM are Marxists,self admitted and like all Marxists the elites live well. History shows us it always works out that way. Antifa and BLM spent the summer of 2020 burning down our cities, attacking and even murdering innocent civilians and destroying federal buildings. Both were part of a violent insurrection attempting to get President Trump out of office. They even came too close to getting into the White House and probably would have burned it down had they made it.The Secret Service had to whisk Trump and his family to safety. How do I know they were trying to get Trump out of office? They said so.

You know, maybe someday the normal people will take to the streets chanting no justice, no peace because we’ve had it with certain people getting a pass and the Biden opponents being tossed into prison without due process. Maybe someday, the majority of Americans who are normal, will take to the streets chanting no justice, no peace because our FBI and DOJ are corrupt.

Maybe someday will come when we’ve had it up to our eyeballs with the crazies running the country. Woke my eye. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. The Woke people are clearly out of touch with the real world and ruled by the mob. I’m hopeful the someday will be a house cleaning in the mid terms.

In Memory of Bishop Evans

22 yr old SPC National Guard Evans hopped into the river after witnessing two people who seemed to be drowning as they attempted to cross into the U.S.

Evans was a field artilleryman originally from Arlington, Texas. He first joined the Texas Army National Guard in May 2019.

He spent time in Kuwait as part of Operation Spartan Shield before returning to Texas in the fall of 2020.

Source: https://www.npr.org/2022/04/25/1094626940/texas-missing-nationa-guard-soldier-bishop-evans

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