(364) MOM had ENOUGH with Teacher GROOMING 8th GRADERS – YouTube

(364) MOM had ENOUGH with Teacher GROOMING 8th GRADERS – YouTube

Addressed the topic here https://americafirst.blog/2022/04/26/when-youre-crazy-wont-admit-it/

The worst problem with the left is that they are out of touch with reality and expect other people to embrace their agenda. They can’t see how crazy it is and the damage it’s doing to the country. I remember how people thought Trump was a divider and Joe was going to unify the country. Who could fall for this? The left puts the citizens into groups and pits them against each other. Donald Trump promoted the values that are the foundation of our country and that should have been unifying. I wonder if it can be for the left because they actually reject those values. I don’t care how liberal you are, you have to see this grooming is wrong and you can’t possibly want it for your kids.

Trump is right. Our country is going to hell. If the left wasn’t insane they would see it. The majority are going to stand up for the country and get us back to the policies that worked and the country we could be proud of. #Trump2024 The midterms are our first chance to stop their agenda in the schools. Biden has the DOJ going after parents like this momma bear as if she’s doing something wrong. It’s sick and crazy as much as it is unconstitutional!