Joe Biden is a Corrupt Liar-and you don’t think the 2020 election was corrupt?

The media covered for Joe in the 2020 election but there was plenty of info out there if you bothered to look. When they buried the lap top story on Twitter and social media that should have been a red flag.

If there was nothing to the story there was no need to hide it. The Democrats had to know the truth. The media knew the truth. These are the same people who pushed the Russia Collusion lie for 4 yrs. It was Hillary Clinton with co-operation from the FBI who spied on Trump. Obama/Biden knew;of course they knew. The Obama/Biden administration weaponized the intel agencies to make the Russia collusion lie possible. The Obama/Biden administration made spying on an American president possible. If you don’t think they weren’t corrupt enough to cheat in the 2020 election you’re badly mistaken. They would have done anything to stop President Trump from winning re-election. They tried to pass a bill in Congress to make the 2020 changes permanent and federalize elections so they could cheat again. That bill was a red flag and told you everything you needed to know about 2020. The bill failed,thank God, but that only means one thing. They have to try to stop Trump in 2024 another way. The other way is the Jan 6 commission. The worst part of the Commission is the silence of some Republicans and the support for it from others (including Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell).

These Republicans are stupid and lame. They think the Democrats would only use the corrupted elections to keep Trump from either running or winning an election. Wrong. They’re asking for their own demise. The Democrats/media aren’t going to stop with Donald Trump. They will do it to anyone they oppose.

The Republicans who are in bed with the Democrats will get a pass. The Republican they oppose will be destroyed. The Democrats would remain in power.

Biden doesn’t care about our country. He gets to play President and they let him. All Joe has to do is sign papers and make appearances. Unfortunately for them Joe is the worst messenger for their policies. He has no clue what is going on. He’s checked out. They do their best to try and keep him under wraps. It’s great for them that he is willing to sign his name. It’s not great for them because he has no clue what is going on and his mental decline is getting too obvious. It’s easy to hide Joe out on the campaign trail. They failed to take into account you can’t do that as well when the person is in the office of President. Joe has to make some appearances. It goes with the territory. You can put a lid on a campaign. You can’t do that with the office of President. Joe can head off to Delaware though.

The only Republicans worth their salt are the ones who understand Biden should be impeached and removed from office. The only Republicans worth their salt are the ones sharp enough to understand the election of 2020 was corrupt and the Democrats were capable of it. The one good that will come out of this is that we will see who the back stabbers and turn coat Republicans are. I’d like to hear the candidates on the campaign trail give us a pledge NOT to vote for the current Republican leadership in the House and Senate.

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