(266) Kevin McCarthy BUSTED by Rachel Maddow in SECRET AUDIO with Liz Cheney – YouTube

(266) Kevin McCarthy BUSTED by Rachel Maddow in SECRET AUDIO with Liz Cheney – YouTube
McCarthy can RESIGN NOW and take McConnell with him! Thought this news would be viral by now.Jim Jordan for Speaker.


I’m downright livid over what we found out here.Yes, we care about Biden’s terrible policies but this matters a lot. We have 2 liars here. One is McCarthy who lied several times claiming he never said it. The other is Lizard claiming she didn’t secretly record it. You have to be a special kind of stupid to buy that story. The guy is Speaker. He lied to Trump and to us. He was deliberately stabbing Trump in the back. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing. God knows what else he was up to while Trump was in office. Why is he calling Liz in the first place? You give these frickin Republican rats a pass it helps the Democrats. if we didn’t have rats we wouldn’t have half the problems we do. We don’t have to argue about this. There’s nothing to argue. McCarthy is a rat. He sold us out like Lizard did TO the Democrats. If we hold McCarthy accountable it will STRENGTHEN the Republican party. McCarthy, McConnell and the other rats all need the boot. What else has McCarthy done behind our backs? if we give McCarthy a pass it’s like we’re agreeing with him.I don’t give a fat rats butt what the Dems think either. Who cares? Why do they matter to us?