Why are some Republicans Falling At the Feet of Tulsi Gabbard? What’s the Deal?

i hear Democrat Tulsi Gabbard is going after Mitt Romney and Keith Olberman for accusing her of being a traitor-a Russian agent. I’m no fan of either Mittens or Olberman but what is the deal with Republicans giving Gabbard so much cred? Romney is a hard core Never Trumper and he’s a closet Democrat as far as i’m concerned but let’s not forget that Gabbard is and always will be a Democrat. She’s no conservative. i respect her service to the country but it ends there. Did Sean Hannity forget she voted to impeach Pres Trump? She’s no friend to the MAGA movement. She’s no friend to Republicans either.

She embraces 99.9% of the Democrat platform and i guarantee she voted for and supports Joe Biden. She has her own agenda so these are words to the wise.-watch your back. She’s no traitor or Russian agent. I’ll give her that. Beyond that i don’t trust her for 2 seconds. She’s up to something. She didn’t vote to impeach Trump because she’s a good egg who stands on principle.

I don’t know why Hannity gives her the air time he does. Tucker Carlson does the same thing. i was sure these 2 would see through her.