It’s Not That the Media Was Unfair/Biased Against Preident Trump

It’s worse than that. They conspired with the Democrats in 2020 to commit voter fraud against Trump and his supporters. They were part of it. The Democrats couldn’t have cheated in 2020 without the media or at least it would have been far more difficult. They were part of the plan all along. Here’s how they did it.

First, they prepped the public. They kept the narrative going that we might not know the outcome of the election on Nov 3, 2020. It was that uncertainty that would give the Democrats in certain cities-notably in the swing states-the time and opportunity to find the votes Biden would need and the excuse for the extra Biden votes.

The Democrats’ report divides states into four groups based on when ballots need to be received by and whether those ballots can be processed before the election. In swing states like Arizona and Florida, ballots need to be received by Election Day and can be processed in advance, meaning that it’s more likely that the winner of those states will be known on election night.

ABC news parroted the same narrative

We could be waiting days to find out who won the 2020 US election.(Reuters: Carlos Barria)

The media made sure there was cover. They noted the problem would be in the swing states. Quite the coincidence wasn’t it?

Remember how they warned President Trump NOT to come out and make any announcements and maybe 30- 45 minutes later they announced that Biden would be making an announcement?

They knew if everything went according to plan Biden would be declared the winner.

What was the plan? It was obvious that night. We stayed up that night and Trump was winning in a landslide. The Republicans didn’t do too badly either. They were being down voted. Typically when the down votes win, that means the guy at the top has won too. Suddenly the election stopped in the swing states and Georgia reported a main water break that shut down the counting. Later we found out there was no such break. When we woke up in the morning Biden was getting the votes he needed. It was the most bizarre thing we had ever seen. This image became well known. It demonstrated when the counting stopped and what happened after:

Remember this headline? They asked,can Trump steal the election? Ironic isn’t it but they wanted to make sure all their bases were covered. A case in point was Pennsylvania. The other states followed suit. They UCONSITUTIONALLY changed election laws.

The Constitution is clear that the state legislators have the authority to determine election law. It can’t be the governor or other state office. Such a change outside the state legislature would be unconstitutional. Yet,it happened in the 2020 election in the swing states.

State authority to regulate the times, places, and manner of holding congressional elections has been described by the Court as embrac[ing] authority to provide a complete code for congressional elections …; in short, to enact the numerous requirements as to procedure and safeguards which experience shows are necessary in order to enforce the fundamental rights involved.12 The Court has upheld a variety of state laws designed to ensure that elections—including federal elections – are fair and honest and orderly.1

Some are still trying to change the rules in the middle of the election that would make it easier to commit fraud and to manipulate election results—not unlike a college football coach persuading the referees to change the rules in the middle of a bowl game to make sure his team can win.

If you were planning to cheat your way into an election win this would be exactly the way to do it.

The party that was being cheated would hardly have enough time to correct course. The other part of the Democrats and media’s plan was to accuse Trump of stealing the election if  their plan to cheat didn’t work out well and Trump was declared the winner. or 2.  it worked out well but Trump took the results to the Supreme Court and won a victory there. They were already casting doubt on any election results except a Biden win. 

You have to look into each of the swing states and note not that election laws were changed but  HOW election laws were changed. If it wasn’t through the state legislators that makes it unconstitutional. 

The Democrats and media were trying to justify the changes by claiming Republicans were trying to suppress the vote. Far from it-they were trying to uphold the laws that were in place. Certainly you can have legitimate reasons for wanting to change election laws but you do it as the Constitution allows for it [through the state lawmakers]and not at the last second to chance having any shenanigans on either side.

The one thing all Americans look for is integrity in their elections. It’s the bedrock of our Republic.  When you lose faith in election integrity the system is in danger of collapse. Now Republican legislators are working at the restoration of our election laws so no one can doubt the outcome of the midterms and future elections. It’s also to ensure that voting is easy but not open to fraud either. There’s enough of it as is-there’s no point in making it easier.

Why do i think Biden was installed, not elected?

Precisely because of all the shenanigans in the swing states.

The narrative of the media prior to the 2020 election.

Their corruption in the 2016 election was a huge red flag. Look at what they had already done to  try and destroy the Trump presidency. They spied on the Trump campaign and in the White House. They made a false accusation of Russia collusion with Trump and used the intel agencies and media to promote it. They said they would impeach him before he was even sworn in- they tried twice. Pelosi was considering an attempt at the 25th amendment on Trump to get him out of office. They were always of the mind set whatever it took to defeat him;legally or illegally. If you don’t think they were corrupt enough to cheat in the 2020 election you’re dreaming. They were even prepared to claim he cheated if he won-that is their schemes failed-and made it known. i’m not accusing them. They said it themselves.

The truth is they were corrupt enough and it was obvious they were up to something when they claimed the results MIGHT be delayed. Delayed my eye.  They knew it was going to require extra time. In fact the media stated over and over how it might look like Trump had won. They knew how the plan was going to go.

You can be sure they’ll try again before the 2024 Presidential election comes up again but they can’t use the same plan twice. They tried with the Voting Rights Act in Congress. It would have codified everything they pulled off in the 2020 election and granted the Federal Gov’t (them)the right to pass voting laws-taking it away from the states.The Voting Rights Act didn’t pass so they have plan B in the works. What’s the new plan? First, ban Trump from all social media platforms. They figure that cuts him off from his base & breaks down his communication with the public. Second, they set up the Jan 6 committee and attempt to keep him off state ballots. You know what those are? Red flags that they were willing to do anything and everything to get Biden installed in 2020.

There’s no way on earth Biden won 81 million votes. He had a public event that garnered 100 people in attendance. That’s not the crowd of someone who won 81 million votes in an election. Sorry, not buying it. Didn’t buy it in 2020 and not stupid enough to fall for it now. 

Thank the media for the  crap sandwich this administration is handing us. They can’t hide Biden’s terrible policies even though their primarily Ron Klan’s and they’re definitely unable to hide Biden’s condition. Everyone knows  Biden has checked out.  They may even try to claim the Russian’s are interfering in our elections. They are-always do-but not as much as they did in 2020 nor as much as they plan to in 2024. The Russians didn’t ban Trump or hide the Hunter laptop. The Russians didn’t spy on the Trump campaign or try to impeach him. They didn’t change our voting laws to make fraud easier. They didn’t corrupt our FBI and CIA to attack Trump or his supporters. They don’t control our state run media. They have their own to run. 

Bottom line: Biden is a fraud. Our media is corrupt. The Democrats have nothing to offer. 

NOTE: i could find more than a dozen examples of the media’s 2020 narrative. i’ve only cited a few examples  representative of the whole media to show how complicit they really were.





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