No, We Are NOT Going to Let Klain/Biden and Their Cohorts Turn OUR Country into A Hell Hole

The Republicans better start to stand up to these people. I don’t need to tell the MAGA movement and true conservatives what a snake McConnell is and the elections he has cost us. We all know he stabbed Pres Trump in the back time and time again. He did the same thing to the Tea Party. He’s trying to do it to our MAGA candidates. No more. :He wouldn’t be the leader in the Senate if the Republicans would stand up to him, but they don’t. It’s going to take electing MAGA candidates in the mid terms to finally get rid of Mitch. McCarthy isn’t as bad but he’s close. The Republicans have their chance to stand for something. The Trump policies would be a good place to start. Don’t get me wrong. There are some good people in Congress. We have a few warriors but they’re few and far between.

This is a call t o the Republicans to take up the challenge. How about the people destroying our country and turning it into a hell hole on the order of Venezuela. Who do we have to thank for this mess and the fake President? Start with the media. They bear most of the responsibility. They played a key role in the Russia Collusion story, the fake impeachments, Spygate and the rigged fraudulent election which gave us the installation of Joe Biden. The FBI,DOJ,CIA also bear responsibility. They’re corrupt. They’re done. The American people have no trust in them.

The Never Trumpers are as guilty as the media and corrupt agencies.

Ron Klain is behind the scenes running the country into the ground.. Joe is just wandering around . PERIOD. He gets to head to Delaware every weekend.

The Democrats have blown their chance to stand up for the American people. The majority are Marxists or guilty by their silence.

We’re done with ALL of these people. They don’t get to turn OUR country into a hell hole.