America First Endorses Josh Mandel for Senate. JD Vance Opposed Trump. All We Need to Know. Vance is a fake. PERIOD

JD Vance is going to be one of these politicians who will take the endorsement from Pres Trump and stab him in the back if he wins. Josh Mandel campaigned FOR Trump in 2016. All we need to know. Support Josh Mandel and vote for him in the Ohio primary. This does not mean we reject President Trump. Trump has the full 100% support of America First blog in 2024. It’s why the blog has continued and will continue. Trump MUST win in 2024. An endorsement is just that-it puts the voter under no obligation to support every candidate that is endorsed. America First has gotten behind every MAGA candidate as long as they are a true MAGA candidate. Josh Mandel is a true MAGA candidate and we can spot a fake a mile away.

Murkowski must be defeated. The Democrats support her. McConnell supports her. Trump does not and neither does the MAGA movement. She votes with the Democrats every time. She’s in the wrong party and hasn’t earned another chance on our side.

McConnell is another one that needs defeated. He was a Never Trumper from the beginning and still is. He doesn’t fool any of us. McCarthy is weak. He’s not as bad as McConnell. On the other hand he doesn’t have the spine we need to lead us into 2022 or 2024.