I may be losing the domain name soon

i recently paid for another year of the premium plan here. i gave up on taking donations-took in 10.00 total months ago-and paid for another year out of my own pocket. I thought the domain name came with the premium plan. Not the case. WordPress has sent me a notice that unless i pay 22.00 more the domain name will expire and likely be lost. So America First will be losing the domain name soon. It will be a month or so before i can put another dime into the blog. If you notice a change in the domain name this is what has happened. It will be temporary. If I can’t get the original domain back will definitely post the new one when the time comes.. The Trump name will be included.[ with the 2024 election coming up using Trump in the domain would make sense]. I’m hoping the America First domain isn’t lost though. We’ll see.Wordpress warned me it might be gone if i let it expire.