(25) Bongino: Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover bid puts a price on being woke – YouTube

(25) Bongino: Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover bid puts a price on being woke – YouTube

The truth about the left is that they have to get their own way. Remember the lady screaming at the sky when Trump took the oath of office and officially became our 45th President? She was representative of the left. The image was iconic. Tells you everything you need to know about the left. It’s worse than that though.When they have power they’re willing to use it to destroy the lives of innocent  people. Whatever it takes is their m.o.  They’re used to having their own way. Unfortunately for the left they are their own worst enemy and that m.o. is their downfall. As most of us know-as we were taught-the world is not paradise. My parents, God rest their souls, lived through WWII and the Great Depression. They were used to not getting their own way. The generation after them-us-took everything for granted and had no idea what self sacrifice meant. They took to the streets every time their paradise was thwarted. They got into academia, media and politics  taking their utopian ideology with them. They embraced Marxism. Of course they did. It opposed our Constitution, the Republic our founders gave us and our Judeo-Christian values. Marxism rejected God.They became the elites and thought of the rest of America as slow,unlearned and unwashed except for the  people who had the same mind set they had. This is why they oppose Elon Musk.  He is going to destroy their ability to censor speech that opposes them. It is why they opposed Trump. He wasn’t the weak spineless conservative they were accustomed to. He wasn’t going to bend to their will. He might have actually saved them from themselves if they hadn’t rigged the election for the cognitively impaired puppet Biden. 

What is it about about the left that appeals to people? They’re supposedly very compassionate. Is that why they destroy people’s lives? Is that why they have no respect for people who are ill or dying if they’re not in their group?:Is that why Antifa and BLM took to the streets,burnt down cities, attacked civilians-to showcase their compassion for others?

They’re supposedly tolerant. Ever listen to them talk about Christians or orthodox Jews? Ever hear what they say about black conservatives? 

They spent years condemning Republicans as being for the rich. Take a Hollywood celebrity or popular sports figure who makes  an obscene amount of money  and they have nothing but high praise for them. They may even have ties to China-one of the worst abusers of human rights-and that’s not a problem.

i was banned on Twitter. i know how nasty these people can be. Our own President of the United States was banned from Twitter. Can you imagine it? We said if they can ban the President they can ban anyone.Look what they did with the Hunter Biden story. They made darned sure it never got out on their platforms. Fortunately the internet makes it possible to get around their platforms. The country is divided because one half gets the truth and knows exactly what is going on. The other half doesn’t know a damned thing and probably doesn’t care.We’ll see come the mid terms.

Every other day from day one they were trending asinine tweets at the President. Three cheers for free speech at least ,even if it’s only for 1 side. Remember :Impeach Trump, Trump Resign, 25th Amendment, Trump Crime Family, Putin Puppet  You could tweet every lie about President Trump you wanted to. It took one person to tweet it and tell the mob to follow suit. They always fell in line.



They’re still spreading nonsense like they always have.  Trump was banned and Biden installed. but they still can’t give it up. Never happy. God forbid Elon Musk gets Twitter and turns it into a private company where there’s free speech for everyone. 

How far would the left go to get their way? They use violence when necessary. They use the DOJ and FBI to target their opponents. I didn’t think i’d live to see the day we’d have political prisoners in the United States.We warned people Biden and the Democrats would turn the U.S. into Venezuela. They balked;  that could never happen here. That’s what the people of Venezuela said too and now they’re eating out of garbage cans. Vemezuela was one of the richest countries in S. America with an economy based on oil. Once you embrace a Marxist form of government like they did you can never go back. It doesn’t happen. The best thing we can do is hang onto our weapons. They start taking our guns we have a problem; that’s a red flag for obvious reasons. Never let them violate the 2nd amendment.

You see this is how Marxism/communism works in practice. The people at the top are immune to the consequences of their actions. It’s the  ‘little guy’ and gal who suffers every time.

It’s rules for thee but not for me.They have the money and power to take care of themselves. They are far removed from the problems they create.The lemmings don’t get it.  They all know they are getting their own way. No obstacles.

You take a 2 yr old and tell them no. See what happens. You take that same 2 yr old, let them have their own way after pitching a fit and they’ll pitch a fit every time.

Unfortunately for these adult toddlers they have become accustomed to pitching a fit and getting their own way.I think they really believed if they kept tweeting their vile comments at President Trump he would eventually get worn down and resign. It never occurred to them he might be too busy to pay attention to their nonsense. 

They’re babies. They don’t get that we don’t live in  paradise. They don’t get that there’s more to life than getting your own way. They don’t grasp that making the state your god is a real bad idea. No wonder they’re never happy. They’re willing to settle for Biden as long as he signs the papers and does what he’s told.  He’s not the brash and unwavering orange man who didn’t put up with their crap.

Biden is not the President. Ron Klain is the one who is really in charge. Biden is just the face for the public. Klain calls the shots. Klain doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground but he’s the one running the country, calling the shots. Biden checked out a long time ago. Guess who has the nuclear football? 


I actually heard Alan Dershowitz defend Biden. He couldn’t admit Biden is cognitively impaired. Dershowitz voted for Biden and opposed Trump. The man is supposed to be brilliant. I’m not so sure. i can understand his not voting for Trump. For the life of me i can’t understand how anyone with a brain cell could vote for Biden.How could anyone not see his obvious cognitive problems. If Dershowitz wasn’t covering for Joe and is right that Biden was always like that you have to wonder how he could be qualified to ever become a Senator or  VP. I’m not even talking about his corruption. His mental acumen alone is questionable. Dershowitz saw this in Biden  years ago and he still voted for him? Let’s be honest, Dershowitz is a hack no matter how good a front he puts on.

Elon Musk is the real deal.He’s NOT a conservative. He’s NOT a Republican.He never made a claim to be either. He’s a libertarian but you can give him credit for sticking his neck out, putting his money where his mouth is and defending free speech. The babies are desperate to stop him. How far we have fallen from the greatest generation to the people they raised to be soft, selfish and in some cases stupid. 

 i admire people like Dan Bongino, Mark Levin, Andrew Breitbart, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump because they appreciate what this country has given us, they think objectively or at least pragmatically, another words they don’t stick their finger up in the air to see which way the political winds are blowing and they’re not ashamed to wear their love of country on their sleeve. I have to admire Elon Musk for standing up for free speech at a time in our history when it’s under brutal attack. There’s a real battle being waged here at home. We have to win. No choice.

Can the left grow up now and admit Pres Trump was a great President and the 2020 election was rigged against him? Can the left grow up now and admit that Biden is a total disaster? You were warned. Didn’t listen did you?