Dan Bongino says clean house at the FBI. i’d go a step further. DISMANTLE it. There are no whistleblowers to expose the corrupt.

The FBI is beyond repair. The DOJ is also corrupt but a thorough house cleaning there MIGHT get their house back in order.

Remember the ‘plot’ to kidnap Gov Whitmer of Michigan?

A federal jury… found two suspects not guilty in an alleged plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and on two others was not able to reach a verdict.

Brandon Caserta, 33, of Canton, and Daniel Harris, 34, of Lake Orion, were acquitted on all counts. The jury could not reach a unanimous decision in the cases of Barry Croft Jr., 46, of Bear, Delaware, and Adam Fox, 38, of metro Grand Rapids.


Most of us know why they were acquitted. The plot was hatched by the FBI. The FBI infiltrated the group and composed most of the people involved in the plot. Most of us know that Gov Whitmer was quick to pin responsibility on Pres Trump. Biden was quick to pin the alleged kidnapping plot on Pres Trump. In fact, they were so quick on the draw that all the facts were not in at the time. The whole thing stunk to high heaven and it happened just before the 2020 election;it was the Democrats “October Surprise”. Nothing compared to the next one they would come up with. The Jan 6 insurrection that wasn’t. It looked eerily similar to the Gov Whitmer kidnapping plot except this time they did a better job of covering up the FBI involvement. ALMOST. They let Ray Epps slip.

Bongino is right. The FBI and DOJ need investigated but i guarantee they are not going to answer any questions,claiming the information has to be kept secret. They will repeat often how they cannot talk about details. We’ve seen this movie before with Christopher Wray🐀 and Rod Rodentstein-no, that’s not a typo. I deliberately refer to him as RODENTstein.🐀

You could just as easily refer to Wray as Wrat.

Chris Christie recommended Wray to Trump.Christie also recommended Bill Barr to Trump. You want your presidency sabotaged? All you have to do is look to Chris Christie to recommend people to your administration.

I agree with Bongino 100% that candidates must commit to investigating both agencies but i don’t see any hope for the FBI.I It’s been too corrupt for too long. I can’t see that the DOJ is much better but a really good housekeeping there might save it. The FBI has talented people but when the talent is used for the wrong purposes and nobody has the courage to expose it,the good people need farmed out and placed in an agency that will expect them to answer to a higher standard. Those DIRECTLY INVOLVED in corruption need to be held accountable.

I’m sorry but after the Russia Hoax, spygate,the Whitmer case and their set up of the Trump supporters on Jan 6 i have no faith in the FBI and i know i speak for a lot of people. BTW. In case the FBI gets the wrong idea here-i’m not a threat to them unless they consider an opinion dangerous. i advocate for non violent protest,my record is squeaky clean and i’m home bound with a disability-there’s no way on earth i could possibly be tied to the Jan 6 incident or any incident. i voted for Trump twice and am fully committed to voting for him a 3rd time-God willing of course. i believe i am blessed to have been born in a great country like the United States

I believe in the rule of law, the Constitutionally protected right to free speech and assembly, the right of peaceful protest to air grievances against our government, the 2nd amendment as a deterrent to a tyrannical government taking over our country and self defense. I believe in obedience to legitimate authority for the common good ie law enforcement and Civil Disobedience when the legitimate authority acts with illegitimate authority ie slavery, Jim Crow at which point they abdicate their legitimate authority.

I’m not perfect by a long shot but i’m no criminal either. i don’t do drugs or drink.The most radical activity i engage in is voting in our elections and writing for this blog. Years ago i engaged in peaceful opposition to the Vietnam War with a friend. Later i ended up dating a Marine who served in Vietnam. He had received a purple heart tor being wounded by shrapnel.

I’ve even watched every single Trump rally online and wouldn’t miss a single one if could help it.

I am very proud of what the former President achieved during his 1st term and am convinced he won in 2020. Joe Biden was installed and he’s no more an acting President than i am. He’s a puppet and he’s just ‘lucky’ the DOJ and FBI were weaponized. They can squash his opposition. The person who is really running the country (and running it into the ground i might add) is Ron Klein. Biden is just a puppet who is in cognitive decline and being used. You would think his children, his brother and especially his wife Jill would care enough to intervene but it’s obvious they don’t give a flip about Joe, the American people or our country. i know if it were my husband, father or brother i would have stepped in a long time ago and got him the help he should have. Not these people.

Yes, it’s really Pres Klein and the whole government is corrupt at this point. A shame what they’ve done to our country.

I’m sorry to say the FBI is probably beyond saving. i guarantee Jan 6 was an FBI plot and the people they have imprisoned were set up. The ones who were violent are a separate matter but they are STILL entitled to due process. I guarantee that the FBI not only hatched the plot but were involved . You can be sure they did it with Speaker Pelosi’s knowledge and blessing as well as the Biden admin’s [and some Democrats] knowledge and blessing.

I want to see MAGA candidates elected in the mid terms and a Republican party that finds a spine for a change. McConnell and McCarthy need to go out the door. It’s the only way we can save our Republic.

This is exactly what we need!

i don’t care that the Deep State didn’t like Donald Trump.We didn’t ask for their approval. The FBI,CIA and DOJ had no business interfering in the election.

Mitch McConnell Warns About Republican Voters Supporting Unacceptable Candidates – The Last Refuge. #PoundSandMitch #TurtleTurds

DeceptiCon ruler Mitch McConnell is the ultimate abuser in the relationship of the Republican Party to its base of voters.During a series of remarks at a Kentucky Chamber of Commerce convention Tuesday, the Senate Minority Leader went right back to his familiar pattern of telling voters they should listen to who he says is acceptable or not acceptable as a 2022 Republican candidate.

Mitch McConnell Warns About Republican Voters Supporting Unacceptable Candidates – The Last Refuge

He’s in bed with China. Almost as bad as the Biden’s. i hope Pres Trump is getting a commitment from every Senatorial candidate he endorses that they’ll vote out Mitch and never fall for his surrogates Thune and Cornyn.The 2 guys that usually flank his left and right sides.