Message from a Brian Craig/Steve Kane Fan

Anyone watching the Brian Craig show from Florida? He has a podcast of his radio show from 6-9 a.m. It’s one of Florida’s longest running radio shows, 40 some years I try not to miss it. Subscribed too. Craig is a bona fide Trump supporter.He’s MAGA all the way and he leaves no doubt in your mind.I have to give him credit for that. I have to give him credit for his great analysis on many issues too; with one exception,UKRAINE.

I was so angry or at least fed up with him today that i unsubscribed for the 2nd time. I want him to know that i am not a neo conservative, war mongering puppet of the Military Industrial Complex because i support Ukraine and Zelensky. I also support sending them all the military equipment they need. i do have a problem with a no fly zone and want no ‘boots on the ground’ as it’s called.

We’re stuck with the feckless,weak and mentally out of it old coot Biden who happens to be corrupt as hell too. He’s hoping Russia will win and the conflict will be over soon with Putin on top. He can protest for the cameras all he wants because it’s nothing but show. His agenda is clear as day. He’s not lifting a finger and he’s not going to lift a finger. Remember how he used to hide out on the campaign trail? You think that was because of covid? Good excuse. What made anyone think he would do any differently if he was in the office of President? He’s not. He’s still in hiding and let’s it be known his bosses don’t want him speaking to anyone. Let’s be honest; Biden creates a lot of disasters and ends up in hiding after the fact (usually in Delaware).

History is not going to look back on the people who didn’t stand up for Ukraine and have good things to say about it.

The argument that people who stand up for Ukraine should head over and fight with the Ukrainians is ridiculous. You can give the country moral support. You can demand the Western countries do the right thing and supply military equipment plus funds for the refugees. You can pressure Biden to get his head out of his butt. i’m not sure it will do any good but it’s worth a try.

Trump called Zelensky and congratulated him on his win. Trump also sent the weapons Zelensky requested at the time. Trump gets it. Didn’t the media tell us if Trump were re-elected in 2020 we’d have a war breaking out? Possibly WWIII? Didn’t happen under his watch. It happened under Biden’s.Everything the media claimed Trump would do, he didn’t-but Biden did.They gaslit the public.

Look who ended up being the authoritarian tyrant. The one thing Biden has actually accomplished. He’s a real piece of work. Ron Klein in charge by any chance? Maybe Susan Rice? It’s NOT Biden.They rule over him, he rules over us.

If Pres Trump were in office Putin would not have invaded Ukraine and if he had anyway you can be sure Trump would have given Zelensky the military equipment needed. i just highly doubt Putin would have tried it.

Brain Craig is entitled to his opinion but i’m afraid it does Putin more good than it does Ukraine. I was so tired of his attitude this morning I unsubscribed and left. We still share our total commitment to the election of Pres Trump in 2024 and agreement on most other issues but i can’t handle listening to his show when he rants about Ukraine. I also don’t care for his characterization of people like me as neo conservatives when we’re far from it.

4/12/2022 Subscribed again. Willing to give it another shot.Think i’ll apply the 3 strikes your out rule.

(929) LIVE 🔴 Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/11/22 | BREAKING TRUMP NEWS TODAY April 11, 2022 – YouTube thank God we can vote out these people soon and Biden in 3. (Good riddance to bad rubbish)

(929) LIVE 🔴 Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/11/22 | BREAKING TRUMP NEWS TODAY April 11, 2022 – YouTube

We all know why the Biden administration won’t criticize the CCP in China no matter how egregious their human rights abuses are. Biden is in bed with them. He’s been beholden to them for years. This is where corruption leads you. Thank God,the midterms are coming and we can vote Biden out in 3 yr.  Hopefully the Republicans will grow a spine and impeach the old coot.