i don’t intend to live in Joe Biden’s fantasy world. he’s only a puppet anyway. he has no idea what’s going on.

The truth is he can’t read the notes they give him when it’s time to pretend he’s the President. i don’t intend to live in this guy’s world.

Men are men. Women are women. The states/individuals have rights that the Federal Government cannot intrude upon without violating the Constitution. So parents are responsible for their own children. They don’t belong to the state. Biden took an oath to defend the Constitution. He’s not.

We have immigration laws. He can’t break them and pretend they don’t exist. There is a crisis at the border because he is breaking our own laws.

We don’t defund the police then act shocked at the rise in crime, especially violent crime.

The Disney brand was family entertainment and from that they built a successful industry. It’s gone. It should be rebranded. It’s been taken over by the queer, pedophile and other aberrant sexual groups to groom children. Be honest with the public. Rebrand. Give it the name LGBQTIA Disney. Parental Guidance Suggested. Not for children under the age of consent.

You don’t cut off the energy supply then search for someone to blame when there’s a shortage causing price hikes.

Yet,there is no don’t say gay bill-it doesn’t exist-but keep saying it anyway.

Fantasize that everything is going swimmingly in the country and Biden is doing a fantastic job with our economy. It’s as cringeworthy as Joey’s hair sniffing escapades. Didn’t the media sell Joe as lunch bucket Joe? Lunch bucket? A guy that’s spent over 50 yrs doing nothing but politics and grift selling off the office of VP to the highest bidder including our worst enemies. He’s not called Quid Pro Joe for nothing.

Pelosi says that Trump and his supporters are a threat to democracy.

Who’s taking away parental rights, censoring speech, having people banned from social media, ignoring our SOVEREIGNTY as a nation, letting violent crime crime destroy our cities and the education system groom our children? Who’s imposing mandates and costing people their jobs? Who’s spying on average citizens?

Let me make this clear; i’m a senior citizen who is mobile from a wheelchair;at least temporarily ( i hope). i have menneire’s disease and a hearing loss. i do not drive and rarely leave our residence except for Dr. appointments. You could do a background check and find zip. I don’t drink or do drugs. I’m not associated with any groups at all except our local Catholic Church. i believe in non violence except for self defense. i’ve never missed watching a Trump rally online but i’d never be able to attend one in person. i have never been to DC not even for a school field trip. Our school didn’t have them.

i am absolutely convinced the 2020 election was rigged and a lot of unconstitutional acts were used to steal the election. i know Joe was installed and he’s not worth a damn.

The Democrat party has been taken over by Marxists,our intel agencies are corrupt, our media is part of the regime and our culture has become godless and psychotic. We’re supposed to indulge their lunacy.No thank you.

Our education system is a total failure especially for minority children and now they want to sexualize these kids so they don’t have one critical thinking skill to speak of. They’re taking away parental rights through the education and health care systems. These kids will not be able to use the subjects that matter to be successful .We lost a whole generation to abortion; killed them. We’re wrecking the next generation who will not be able to function in a civilized society. They will have one allegiance-the state. Meantime,they will grow up in poverty generation after generation.

I have my own fantasy if all else fails. We have to take the House and Senate, clean out the RINO’s,destroy the Marxists,vote out anyone beholden to China and elect MAGA candidates. We have to be ready to elect Pres Trump for the 2nd term he should have gotten in 2020. If all else fails and we end up under the total control of a tyrannical government i wouldn’t oppose a temporary military take over to restore our Constitutional Republic.

Biden is not the President. He does what he’s told as much as he can comprehend it.

Somebody’s in charge and it’s not him.

I keep hoping justice will be served to those who corrupted our once respected institutions. i don’t intend to live in Biden’s fantasy world where his media tells us we should be grateful to him for all the great things he has done for the country when the folks are barely getting by.This is the same guy who had 13 servicemen die in his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and our people left behind enemy lines only to say we’re turning the page. He doesn’t care for our people or our country. I refuse to live in his fantasy world.

We’re living under an illegitimate government until we can vote it out. We better vote in huge numbers.

I Say the Jan 6 Capitol Building Riot was an FBI, DOJ,Pelosi, Biden Plot

Finally,someone said it!

First we look to the FBI plot to kidnap Gov Whitmer of Michigan. The plot failed. I say failed not because they didn’t TRY to pull it off. I say it failed because [fortunately]the FBI role was exposed.

Notice who was blamed for the so called Whitmer Kidnapping Plot. You don’t suppose the plan was to pin it on Pres. Trump given some of the Democrat/media previous plots to take out Trump. Biden definitely tried to pin it on Trump. If you can’t admit that’s a stretch you’re not paying attention.

Buzzfeed, hardly a right wing source for news. Let’s not forget the riot at the Capitol Building in Michigan.Looks eerily similar to the Jan 6 DC riot at the Capitol Building. The FBI has been corrupt for some time evident by their role in the Russia Collusion/Spygate scandal.

Steve Bannon interviewed Darren Beattie from Revolver News; mentioned in the Tucker Carlson segment.

In this segment Beattie talks about Ray Epps. i’m going to follow up in a post with various clips of Ray Epps at the Capitol Building.If you’re not sure pinning the Whitmer kidnapping plot on Trump worked and there is going to be a Trump rally in Dec[that’s already been announced ]that would be the perfect opportunity to set up Trump again. At first you don’t succeed, keep trying.

No wonder Pelosi kept Jim Jordan and Jim Banks off the Jan 6 committee. She didn’t have the right to do it but she did it anyway rejecting the 2 Congressman appointed-rightly so-by Kevin McCarthy. She appointed 2 rabid never Trumpers, Liz Cheney and Adam Kizinger.

That aside, what is really bizarre about the committee is that they are not actually investigating what happened that day and discussing future preventive measures-they’re making it about an insurrection that didn’t happen and trying to tie Trump and even remote associates to it. By remote i mean if you so much as ever spoke to Pres Trump you are suspect.

I say Jan 6 was an FBI,DOJ, PELOSI, BIDEN plot. The FBI,DOJ and intel agencies are all corrupt. The Democrats and media know very well duplicating the 2020 rigged election might not fly in 2024 like it did in 2020 so their best bet would be to prevent the former 45th President from running at all;or do both.