Is There Some Reason the War in Ukraine Should Matter to Us?

Some people are not going to like my answer because it’s yes. It matters a lot. Putin must be contained.If he’s not stopped in Ukraine, he’s not going to stop at all. I’m the last person you’d want to call a war monger. i would just as soon Ukraine had never been invaded. It was.

We are going to have to put these arguments to rest soon. We have a country to save and that means we need unity. The mid terms are coming and 2024 will follow soon enough. It [2024] feels like light years away now but it will eventually come fast. IMHO Trump will make his FORMAL announcement for re-election after the mid terms.

There was a time i was a pacifist. As i got older i realized there are times war is justified and the only solution. There is evil in the world and it sometimes manifests itself with bad actors doing terrible things. The Ukrainians have a right to defend their country and protect their citizens. This is one of those times. Am i advocating for U.S. participation? Absolutely not. i’ve been in chat rooms where if you support assistance for Ukraine at all you get accused of being a war mongering neo conservative. Anybody listening? I’m for giving Ukraine the military hardware THEY need to fight for their own country. There may be people who are all for boots on the ground but they’re few and far between.i haven’t met a single person who wants us to put a military presence in Ukraine. There are isolationists who believe we’re better off burying our heads in the sand. Tulsi Gabbard is one of those but she has her own agenda and probably her own political ambitions. i don’t get why some Republicans fall all over her. Did we forget? She voted to impeach Trump. She’s not a good egg and she’s no hero for conservatives. i don’t get the starry eyed Republicans who find her appealing. She knows how to play people. Yes, i respect her service to our country. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t have ulterior motives now.

If you’re a pacifist you’re entitled to your point of view. You may feel any involvement or support of a war would violate your conscience. If you’re an isolationist you’re also entitled to your opinion but it’s a really bad idea. We tried burying our heads in the sand before. It never works. An isolationist is as bad as the guy who thinks we’re the world’s police force.

What i hate hearing most are people talking as if Putin is the good guy. I’m astonished. Putin was a KGB spy folks. He doesn’t just imprison his opponents; he has them murdered. He’s not a duly elected President .Russia doesn’t do elections. He got to the top by force and the one thing that has kept him there is force.

He hasn’t been in power some 20+ years because he’s a nice guy.i hear people say Putin invaded to clean up the corruption in Ukraine. Are you kidding me? Putin cleaning up corruption is pot calling kettle black. I’ve heard he invaded to destroy the biolabs. Get the FULL report on these biolabs. Somebody missed the memo.*

Putin told the world why he was going to invade Ukraine. He wrote his intentions in an editorial and he made it clear. When someone tells you their intentions themselves perhaps you should believe them.

The worst propaganda [pro Russia] i have heard is that Ukrainians are slaughtering their own people.

You people need to stay off the internet.

The war in Ukraine matters on so many levels. It matters most to the Ukrainians but it should matter to us.

The war is winnable. The Ukrainians need arms and supplies.

If Putin isn’t stopped in Ukraine he will never be stopped.

If freedom doesn’t matter there it doesn’t matter anywhere. Yes, our borders should be secure. We’re being invaded ourselves. I get that. What is this argument? People who oppose the invasion of Ukraine don’t care about our own borders? Wrong. i totally supported Trump’s immigration policies and the wall. The people coming over our are border are illegals. They need shipped back out but it’s not an armed military. They’re not bombing our cities and trying to topple our government. They don’t have tanks and missiles. I support protecting our borders as much as i support Ukraine protecting theirs. The comparison is silly.

These illegals shouldn’t be coming here in the first place. Thank Biden for our wide open borders but they’d be coming whether Ukraine was invaded or not.

The Ukrainians should have been given arms ages ago; when the Russian military was poised on their border. They weren’t there to play canasta. We had to know what their intentions were.

Trump should have been in the White House. We would have had an organized withdrawal from Afghanistan. Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine in the first place.

Biden is weak and mentally incapable of sound judgement. He’s also corrupt with ties to China and Russia.

Whatever else you may think of Zelensky you have to give him props. He was offered a way out of Ukraine and asylum. Compare him to the President of Afghanistan who took the money and ran. It wouldn’t be the first time a leader booked out of their own country. Zelensky stayed behind in spite of the danger to himself and his family. The Ukrainian people elected him. President Trump called and congratulated him.

Look, we can chew gum and walk at the same time. We don’t have to choose between 2 countries.Of course we believe in America First and that means we don’t abdicate our position as a country that leads the world in a call to freedom.

If only Trump were in the Oval office. What a difference it would have made. Keep in mind we have leftists who have no problem with Putin having access to Twitter yet our own President was banned. Let that sink in.

*Jennifer Griffith-trustworthy, very credible-of Fox News did a report on them .Unfortunately, it didn’t get a lot of air play anywhere.