Any Idea When the Democrats and Media Will Ditch Joe Biden?

A lot of us have had the feeling eventually even the left would have to acknowledge there’s a problem with Biden.Many of us knew there was a problem back when he was campaigning. I, for one, couldn’t believe his family wouldn’t intervene seeing the problems he had. They knew. You would think his wife would have encouraged Joe to give it up and they could seek help. Never happened.

The Democrats and their machine in the media wanted Trump out and were going to back Biden no matter what.They all knew Joe had issues but they made darned sure he would get elected by hook or by crook.

They all knew he was in mental decline. They all knew he was corrupt. They all knew Trump did not collude with Russia just as they knew they had no grounds to impeach him. You have to know they will do anything and everything to keep Trump from winning in 2024. They would sink low enough to try to keep him from running again rather than chance having him win.

So the Democrats and media will do anything and everything to get rid of Trump but it looks like now they may do whatever it takes to get rid of Biden too.

I actually felt sorry for Biden watching Tucker Carlson’s segment Monday night. How could they do this? I’m angry as hell. They took out Trump, they installed Biden, they lied to the American people & they covered up his illness and corruption. They destroyed people’s lives. They have all but totally destroyed our country and almost let a sick demented man get us into a nuclear war. They meaning the Marxist Democrats, the media,Deep State and Never Trumpers. The Marxist Democrats,media and Deep State all collude together. The Never Trumpers are a separate group but they are willing to help out the other side to defeat Trump. Whether or not you support Trump at least admit what they’re doing to our country is sleazy and destructive.

What they did to Trump,his family and associates is disgusting and what they are trying to do to him now is shameful. What happened with Biden is a catastrophe of their own making.

Watch the segment on Tucker regardless of how you feel about Tucker. Mind boggling isn’t it? Infuriating. After everything we went through it came to this. Why didn’t they think it through before they made the biggest mistake this country has had to live through.

Will they do a ‘spiro agnew’ and take out Kamala first then take out Joe-or will they just take out Joe and replace him with Kamala?

It’s actually heart breaking to watch and this from someone who believed [and still does]that Joe was not fit for the office of President. You can feel for a person and still admit the truth of the matter.What they did to Trump, to us,to the country, to people sitting in prison over Jan 6 and ultimately to Joe warrants a righteous anger.

:The Liberal Marxist Media is Scum: