The LapTop Scandal Would Have Changed Their Vote?

A recent poll showed that some of the people who voted Biden wouldn’t have voted for him had they known about the Hunter Laptop Scandal. i’m not going to look up the poll;it’s the assertion that matters. Also it doesn’t necessarily mean they’d have voted Trump;maybe some would have. It could mean they wouldn’t have voted at all. You’d have to break it down to know. The point i want to make here is that i can’t believe it would have taken the laptop scandal to get the vote away from Biden. Have a question though; if i knew about the laptop scandal how could these people NOT know about it? It’s like the Russia Collusion lie we lived through. i knew it was a lie years ago. I knew about the spying on the Trump campaign years ago. i knew about the fake dossier and lies to the FISA court years ago. Same with the laptop scandal-the information was out there even if it was banned on Twitter and covered up by the media. It’s not like you couldn’t look for and get the information they banned.

You mean to tell me it would have taken that laptop scandal for people to see Biden wasn’t fit for the office of President?

You hated Trump with a recovering economy, low gas prices, energy independence and relative peace across the globe that you were willing to sink it with Biden? Yet the lap top would have been the deal breaker?

Biden told everyone what he was going to do when he was actually speaking to people. He was hidden most of his own campaign. You think it’d have been any different with Joe as President? He’s still hiding.Know why that is-for the same reason they hid him on the campaign trail. You could tell he was in mental decline. You’re telling me his obvious mental decline wasn’t enough to stop you from voting for him?

How about his telling you he was going to raise taxes, shut down energy production and impose covid mandates? He admitted the border would be wide open and he wouldn’t enforce our immigration laws. He wasn’t hiding any of this. He even supported defunding the police and pushing CRT.

Then of all the people he picks for VP he goes with the candidate even the Democrats couldn’t stand and who called him a racist? Good judgement? She’s been a total disaster. I know his standard for VP was to pick a black woman but did Kamala have to be his only choice?

BTW. The laptop shows that the Biden’s, Joe included, were as corrupt as we thought they were. We have a person in the Oval office who is compromised meaning a security threat to the United States. This aint the fake Russia Hoax that was pulled on Trump. This scandal is as real as it gets.

‘Anonymous’ Hacker Group Claims Responsibility for Releasing Personal Data of 120,000 Russian Soldiers – Nwo Report

‘Anonymous’ Hacker Group Claims Responsibility for Releasing Personal Data of 120,000 Russian Soldiers – Nwo Report

‘Anonymous’ Hacker Group Claims Responsibility for Releasing Personal Data of 120,000 Russian Soldiers – Nwo Report

Deep State ran “Anonymous”, the hacker group that declared war on Russia after they invaded Ukraine, claims to have released the “personal data of 120,000 Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine.”

These personal details reportedly include names, dates of birth, home addresses, and passport numbers.

“All soldiers participating in the invasion of Ukraine should be subjected to a war crime tribunal,” the group tweeted on Sunday.