Quick Science Lesson (tailored for the left)



There are no other genders. .

A male is born with male genitalia.

A female is born with female genitalia and will have reproductive organs making it possible for her to become impregnated and give birth. A male does not have these organs and cannot become impregnated and give birth. It is 100% impossible. It is how human nature is designed. If you are thinking to the contrary you are delusional, out of touch with reality and hopefully will seek psychiatric help.

Put another way in the simplest of terms; 2 + 2 does not equal 5

End of lesson

Marriage is between one male,one female. The marriage is consummated in sexual intercourse between the 2 exclusively.

Two people of the same gender cannot be married. There is no sexual union. They are capable of sexual activity. They are not capable of sexual union.

It’s legal? Slavery was legal. i would never consider slavery anything but evil.

i’m sorry but i cannot recognize a union that does not exist. In fact, if i see an advertisement with a product that shows 2 people of the same gender exhibiting same sex behavior i refuse to buy that product. When i was growing up such an advertisement would have been considered obscene. i feel sympathetic towards anyone with this disorder but i still consider homosexual displays obscene. Young children should not be exposed to homosexuality. At an age appropriate time i’m sure parents can bring it up for an honest and open discussion. i am convinced that there is nothing attractive about the ‘gay’ lifestyle if people are honest about it. Rarely does the relationship remain monogamous even in so called same sex ‘marriage.’

A marriage between a male and female is complementary. It is just not possible in homosexual marriage because by its nature it’s not complementary and the way to find differences is to seek out other partners; but again it is unfulfilling because it is no more complementary in another homosexual relationship with a different partner than it is with the first.

A person with a disordered attraction may have a difficult life but it’s also possible to lead a fulfilling life in spite of it and form lasting disinterested meaningful friendships.

Unfortunately the list of accepted sexual disorders continues to grow and eventually i forsee an acceptance of behaviors outside the realm of decent human behavior. The nuclear family of an actual mother and father is under attack. Children have become less wanted while cultural behaviors have become more infantile and egocentric.

The culture has attempted to equate race with sexual behavior. They’re 2 completely different things. IF you do not accept homosexual marriage or the gay lifestyle you are called homophobic; a made up word for a non existent condition.

The cultural left has become intolerant of our Judeo Christian values that consider marriage as sacred, monogamous, unitive and procreative. The only way to consider same sex marriage as a marriage is to change the definition of marriage and once you do that it’s not marriage at all.

There are countries where homosexuals are killed. There is no way on earth i could advocate for the extreme; there’s no need to kill, bully or assault anyone with a disorder. i’m convinced it’s more helpful to recognize same sex attraction for what it is but we can’t do that without an honest and open discussion about it. Many of us have family members who suffer and of course we love them.

i see the breakdown in the family as the destruction of civilization. The West is in decline because its foundation-the nuclear family-is under attack. The culture its obsessed with disordered behaviors. It’s glorifying behaviors contrary to our Judeo-Christian values. The foundation of our country was based on
Judeo-Christian principles and for years it was the glue that held us together. We at least strived for our ideals. Now we’re so far out of our boundaries were at detachment from objective reality.

Boycott Disney. No Excuses!

repost from a mewe member:

I grew up loving everything about Disney. It was quality, wholesome, top notch family entertainment. It’s an empire today, but has lost its way, boogered by extremist leftists, sickos and perverts. They’ve decided to go to war against parents with lies against us all. The new FL law protects 5 to 8 year olds from instruction about sex education. That’s what they’re lying about, screaming it’s something it’s not. Little 5 to 8 years old kids don’t need any adults talking to them about what’s in their underwear. Who trys talking about a kids genitalia with them at 5 or 6 years old except extremely perverted people? This is SICK SHIT! Disney’s promoting this sick perverted garbage.