REGIME CHANGE now underway in the USA: Biden on the chopping block as intelligence community activates emergency self-preservation actions – Nwo Report A MUST READ & SHARE

Date: April 1, 2022Author: Nwo Report0 CommentsSource:(Natural News) Several days ago, fake president Joe Biden called for regime change in Russia, practically begging Russia’s military generals to remove Putin from power. But that hasn’t happened. What’s happening instead is that America’s intelligence community “generals” are now moving against Joe Biden.I received intel over the weekend that the IC (Intelligence Community) three-letter agencies had come to the realization that if they didn’t stop Biden’s accelerating destruction of America, they would all be wiped out as America collapsed. I shared this intel in a Monday morning podcast and article that you can read here. The title of that article tells the story: “ANALYSIS: Embedded “good guys” are turning against the cabal… It’s ALL coming out… and the awakening cannot be halted.”

REGIME CHANGE now underway in the USA: Biden on the chopping block as intelligence community activates emergency self-preservation actions – Nwo Report

We all knew something was up when they finally started to admit the truth. The Deep State wouldn’t tell the truth unless it benefited them. They would have to be looking out for themselves. The media wouldn’t tell the truth unless they got the word from their higher ups and it benefited the Democrat party.

Since Pres Trump LEGIMATELY won re-election if there were support from the majority of American people for him to be given his rightful elected place to the office it makes the most sense to reveal the election interference and fraud as a reason to replace Biden with Trump. The best option would be to hold another election and put a Democrat candidate up against Trump and see who would win the rest of this 3 yr term. i don’t think that is Constitutionally possible. It would certainly be a first (unless someone knows otherwise) and might require an amendment to the Constitution. I know i’m probably dreaming. As much as i hate to see the IC removing a President especially since they were a conspirator in getting Biden installed in the first place. God forbid we keep going down this path. It’s why an election would be THE most democratic and less chaotic. They’re looking at self preservation. I’m looking at preserving the country before Biden totally collapses the economy, we get involved in WWIII [or nuked] or a breakdown in civil society here, which is already taking place.

The 25th amendment would be an option-i’ve already written an entry positing it must be done-even if it means keeping the 2nd worst choice Kamala because it wouldn’t fall solely into the hands of the IC. The IC helped get us into the mess. They can’t keep interfering in elections. The people are supposed to decide. The 25th amendment definitely applies to Biden. ONE CAVEAT; Biden SHOULD resign because of his criminal activity. On the one hand the 25th amendment applies-Biden has checked out-on the other he is also corrupt and a resignation is called for too. This installed President is a 2 fer.

Steve K. Bannon is right. Elections have consequences. STOLEN ELECTIONS HAVE CATASTR{OPHIC CONSEQUENCES. If you ever needed proof that’s true Biden and Kamala are proof positive.