Hear This Disney, Hollywood, Corporate Media,Democrats

if you people want to have the schools teach your little children [beginning with kindergarten] every disordered sexual activity you can think of knock yourselves silly. We’re glad Gov DeSantis protected a parental right to expect that schools will teach their children all the subjects necessary to have a successful future.Parents will teach their own children their values and be socialized as well adjusted individuals who first have a chance to BE children and make major adult life decisions for themselves later, AS ADULTS. You deal with the consequences of exposing your children to sexualization they don’t have the emotional or mental capacity to deal with. It sounds like grooming. If that’s what you want for your kids you give consent and you deal with the problems it will cause.

The fact that you have to lie to the public about the bill tells us everything we need to know. All the bill does is give parents the right to make decisions for their own children that the government has no business making.

In reality it gives parents the right to protect their children. You can lie all day long and not even read the bill. Probably haven’t.You have no idea how much parents appreciate what the bill does for their family. It’s a shame that the name Disney was once associated with quality family entertainment and now chooses to attack the families that gave them their good name. Not a single Disney product will ever come in our house again.Hollywood is a sick culture. Not our problem. The corporate media believes it has the power to get parents to subjugate their rights to a hell bent Democrat party and their agenda. It may have the power, influence and money but when parents have their children’s well being at heart they will win.Gov Ron DeSantis did the right thing. He’s looking out for his constituents. He answers to them.