Get Biden Out of the White House NOW. He’s out of it and dangerous

He’s going to get all of us killed. I don’t care if you use the 25th amendment, a military take over or a vote for total recall of the whole administration.

I’m sorry-Kamala may be stupid but at least she has some cognitive awareness.

It’s not a gaffe. A gaffe is an error. This is way beyond an error.

I don’t think they didn’t tell him they had to walk back his comments. They likely did and he didn’t comprehend.

Biden is gone.

Thank the fricking media, the Deep State and the DNC for rigging the election and getting this man installed.

Enough. I don’t feel sorry for Biden. IF he was a regular person i would feel sorry for him. He’s going to get us all killed and destroy the country. I feel for us and somebody has to do something immediately. We don’t have 3 yrs. We’re lucky if we have one day this is so dangerous.

I’m done. This is terrible and urgent.

BTW. The use of chemical weapons is a war crime.