An Open Letter to the Brian Craig Show. Why they must invoke the 25th amendment

Mr Craig,

your show is fantastic or i would never get up at 6:00 a.m. to watch a podcast for 3 hr. Besides, you’re a Trump supporter 100% and no matter what i would ever disagree with you about we will always agree that Pres Trump was a great President and will be again in 24.BTW, I tried to call in to your show 2x so far and something went wrong both times-not sure what.

So here’s where i disagree with you re invoking the 25th amendment on Joe Bidem. Ironic because i had just posted up a blog entry about invoking the 25th on Biden. Heck, i was having a canary when he was on the campaign trail. This man should have never run let alone be given the nomination and in the end installed into the office of President. Though some say he won. Either way, elected or installed, he wasn’t fit for the office. It was obvious back when that something was wrong.

You have to wonder how they could do this to him; you have to wonder how they could do this to our country? I find it hard to believe Biden got 81 million votes. There couldn’t be that many people stupid enough to vote for him.I have more faith in the American people to make good decisions. i don’t want to get off the beaten path here though. The election is another story.

What are dealing with now is a very serious matter. The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Kamala Harris would be as bad or worse? First, when a candidate picks a vice president it’s something they seriously need to consider. Who the best choice would be just in case?
Oddly with these 2 they could barely stand each other during the Democrat primary and she called him a racist. It was never going to go right after that.

The truth is Kamala is not the sharpest tool in the box. The Democrats were not that enthused with her when she was running.She dropped out before the Iowa caucus if i’m not mistaken. She did not do well with Democrat voters at all. Could she be worse than Biden though. I doubt it. He’s confused, sometimes bewildered, angry and most people see he hardly knows where he is most of the time. They kept him hidden when he was campaigning-if you want to call it that. Now he’s the President and it’s a little harder to keep him under wraps all the time. Kamala would be more apt to make small inconsequential mistakes that could be corrected. Joe is more apt to get us into WWIII. He honestly can’t make good decisions. He’s getting people killed. Eventually he could get all of us killed. He let 13 servicemen get killed, many seriously injured and abandoned Americans and our allies behind enemy lines without batting an eye. All he had to say was that we turned the page. Think about that.

Is invoking the 25th as easy as it sounds? Nope but whether or not they could pull it off the process alone would be helpful. For one Joe would be forced to get examined and the results would have to be made public. For another, it would save face for the country and cool off the firestorm he’s set off. Our allies would be more apt to take us seriously.The insane deal he has with Iran could possibly be called off. He’s going to let them develop a nuclear weapon and give them billions to fund terrorist attacks against us. They will have ICBM’s to use nuclear weapons against us and MADD is not going to deter a religious fanatic. It’s going to happen and Joe is going to let it. We need to let Iran know we’re changing course here. As long as Biden’s in charge that deal is on.

If the 25th amendment were invoked it would signal to Putin we don’t intend to escalate the situation, that we’re not going to use chemical weapons which is a war crime and we might be able to get the weapons to the Ukraine that they need. No, we do not need a large military presence or major involvement. i do not approve of the sanctions Biden has put on Russia either. They’re not touching Putin. He’s fine. They’re hurting the Russian people and our people.The elites at the top never suffer. They always have other means.It’s the citizens that always pay the highest price. Are they going to overthrow the regime? Nope. The folks are too busy trying to survive.In the end they may be more apt to support Putin and hate us for it.If Biden were with the program and the Dems were smart they would have left the Trump energy policy alone. This was the worst time to destroy our energy sector. Gas prices were already skyrocketing.

The energy sector was the one tool we had to get to Putin and it wouldn’t have mattered here.We were energy independent. That aside this is a critical time-a dangerous time-and Biden should not be the one presiding over it. I’m sorry. It’s insane to go on with this. We’d have been far better off with Trump but that didn’t happen thanks to a corrupt media,deep state and the swamp creatures in the Republican party. What the media, big tech,the Democrats, corrupt intel agencies and self centered Republicans did to our country is disgusting. They should be ashamed. Some should be held accountable. The media owed people the truth. I hold them the most responsible for lying to the American people and getting us here.

Now our adversaries not only see weakness in Biden they see the same thing we do. Not good. We have no choice Brian.i don’t see a down side to getting the process started. Who’s to say it could not be accomplished and no harm done if it fails. Kamala at least has her wits about her. It’s not as if she doesn’t know where she’s at or who she’s with or what she’s saying. There’s no choice. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the responsible thing to do. We have no choice.None.I’ve asked myself what if we did go through with the 25th amendment? It could never be worse than Biden becoming President and it couldn’t be a more critical time to stop him if we can. So what do we do if we don’t go through with it? We just wait and see what happens next and hope it doesn’t get worse? Not an option.

that entry

You Want to Talk About An Insurrection. Well,Here We Go

We’re trapped between the Bill Kristol/Rick Wilson ‘Bushie’ war hawks (Bushies being admirers of George W and Dick Cheney) and a President who was clearly checked out from the beginning. Biden has no idea what he’s doing-while THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of nuclear warheads exist in Russia and the United States. i was jumping up and down when Biden was campaigning, pleading to Dr. Jill to do the right thing for her ill husband. His mental decline was obvious then. He should never have been running for President.

Our intel agencies are too busy going after Pres Trump and ordinary citizens to pay much attention to the real peril we face now. They’re too corrupt to care anyway.

We have to go back to the election of 2016 before we get down to the insurrection in 2019-2020.Comey and the FBI had to clear Hillary so she could run for President. They did. Comey named off her illegal acts then exonerated her from any wrong doing.The Russia collusion narrative would begin soon. Our intel agencies would spy on the Trump campaign and the FBI would lie to the FISA court. The plan was in place.The Russia collusion lie was meant to keep Trump from getting elected and when that failed they used the same lie to try and get him out of office. They forced Jeff Sessions to recuse himself and opened the Mueller investigation. What was underway here was a coup based on a lie that the media played a large and key role in. Adam Schiff was always going on cable news claiming he had evidence of Trump’s collusion though he never presented it. I was on Twitter at the time watching Democrat operatives harassing the President on a daily basis trying to force him into resignation. The Democrats would open different investigations they probably knew would go nowhere but hoped would affect the administration. He was spied on while he was in the Oval office. The attempted coup got nowhere; but not for a lack of trying. We saw an actual ATTEMPTED coup with our own 2 eyes but no one was prepared to use the word.

When Pelosi tore up Pres Trump’s SOTU speech that was telling. They even tried 2 impeachments and Pelosi considered invoking the 25th amendment. The coup failed so they had to resort to keeping him from being re-elected and that’s when the insurrection began.

We all remember when they announced they would impeach Trump before he was even sworn in.Some Democrat candidates were elected solely because they promised to impeach Trump. Maxine Waters called for Trump supporters to be confronted, harassed and assaulted in public.

When the insurrection began Antifa/BLM took the streets. They would burn down cities and attack police departments and federal buildings. They were tearing down statues. There were even murders. The White House came under attack and the Secret Service was compelled to move Trump and his family to safety. Antifa was clear about their intentions to drive Trump out of office and keep him from running for re-election-they made it publicly known that was their intention. The Harris campaign staff paid the bail for Antifa activists as soon as they were arrested. Pres Trump was ready to invoke the insurrection act and put down the mayhem when the director at DOD [Esper] advised against it and let it be known he wouldn’t support it. Trump never went ahead. Nobody would call it for what it was. It was a REAL insurrection with destruction and damage everywhere-with danger to the public-while the media claimed they were peaceful protestors. Their whole MO was to either drive Trump out of office or keep him from winning re-election. The Democrats already had another plot up their sleeves. Marc Elias was working on it.

You know the night of Nov 3, election night ,it looked like Trump had won in a landslide.

They would go into the swing states and illegally change voting laws to make election fraud easy. They didn’t have to cheat in all 50 states for Biden to win. They only needed to pull it off in the swing states and get Biden the votes he would need to ‘win.’

What Trump tried to do after Biden was declared the winner was use all the LEGAL means possible to dispute the results. It’s why Hillary Clinton told Biden not to concede ‘no matter what.

It’s why the media kept saying that the winner might not be known on election day and why they also kept saying that it might look like Trump was the winner; but to ignore it The media was involved in the 2020 election just as much as they were in 2016.

Trump using all the Constitutional legal means possible to dispute the 2020 election is not an insurrection. We have every right to question any election. He wasn’t asking Pence [or anyone]to overturn the election. He was asking Pence not to certify the electors and have the election disputed in the Supreme Court. Perfectly legal.

While the Trump rally was going on in DC the protestors were already at the Capitol Building. Trump haf offered the National Guard for protection and Pelosi refused it. She managed to get them there after the incident was over. Funny how that worked.

When Trump spoke to the people who were at the rally he told them to march and protest PEACEFULLY. There was no call for a riot, for violence, for a break in. The rally and the request to Pence were 2 different things. Neither were an act of insurrection. There was zero communication with Trump and the crowd to breach the Capitol Building. There was no communication between Trump and the rally planners to stop the certification of electors. In fact there was no communication between Trump and Pence or members of Congress to OVERTURN the election results PERIOD. He only asked the results to be DISPUTED. Al Gore did that in the Bush-Gore race when it went to the Supreme Court. No insurrection. Perfectly legal.

Rep Kevin McCarthy was supposed to put 2 Republicans of his choice on the Jan 6 committee.
Pelosi walked over him and put 2 Trump haters on instead. Why aren’t they questioning Pelosi about abdicating her responsibility to protect the Capitol? Why is she off limits?

The Jan 6 incident had already been investigated by the FBI and nobody was charged with insurrection because it never happened. They can call it whatever they like but in legal terms it’s just not there.

Get Biden Out of the White House NOW. He’s out of it and dangerous

He’s going to get all of us killed. I don’t care if you use the 25th amendment, a military take over or a vote for total recall of the whole administration.

I’m sorry-Kamala may be stupid but at least she has some cognitive awareness.

It’s not a gaffe. A gaffe is an error. This is way beyond an error.

I don’t think they didn’t tell him they had to walk back his comments. They likely did and he didn’t comprehend.

Biden is gone.

Thank the fricking media, the Deep State and the DNC for rigging the election and getting this man installed.

Enough. I don’t feel sorry for Biden. IF he was a regular person i would feel sorry for him. He’s going to get us all killed and destroy the country. I feel for us and somebody has to do something immediately. We don’t have 3 yrs. We’re lucky if we have one day this is so dangerous.

I’m done. This is terrible and urgent.

BTW. The use of chemical weapons is a war crime.