The 25th Amendment MUST Be Invoked

the left has the mentality of a 2 yr old.They insist on getting their own way and pitch a fit when met with reality. It’s my opinion but having seen it with my own 2 eyes you aren’t likely to convince me otherwise.When Trump was running for President back in 2016 the Democrats were calling for his impeachment before he was even sworn in.After he took the oath of office there were Democrat candidates the left voted for solely on the basis of their promise to impeach Trump.That’s not opinion.It’s fact. Every week on Twitter,often daily, impeach Trump, Trump resign, 25th amendment was trending. They didn’t need a reason. They just wanted him out, period.

Remember Don Jr’s support for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital . They demanded he give up doing fund raiser’s for it. He did.Can you imagine insisting someone give up charitable fund raising as if it were criminal? The same people don’t think twice of Hunter Biden’s shady dealings overseas with his father getting a cut; 10% for the big guy to be exact. No big deal. He’s got a pretty lucrative business going now with his creative art work. They have no problem with that either. None of Trump’s children do drugs. Never have, never will. Their father drove home the danger and destruction of drugs from the time they were little. Hunter was a crack addict heavily involved in drugs to the point he put our country in jeopardy from blackmail by doing drugs overseas with foreign actors. Again, no problem.

We knew the laptop was real and the Russia Collusion story was a lie a long time ago.The media did everything it could to cover for Biden and spread lies about Trump. Now,for the benefit of Joe, they are putting the truth out there. They wouldn’t do it otherwise.

What i am going to propose now is not partisan. Make no mistake i think Biden is the worst President i have seen in my lifetime. I am hoping he legitimately gets voted out and if our election is fair and above board the next time there’s a good chance he will. i certainly have never beat around the bush when it comes to my opinion of Biden. It’s obvious i support Trump and will vote for him again in 2024.

The problem is Biden’s cognitive decline is making him a clear and present danger to our country.

Love him or hate him, it doesn’t matter. Everyone can see it even if they’re not willing to admit it.

We’re in a dangerous period of history now, mostly thanks to Biden and the incompetent people he’s appointed; regardless of what you believe is the cause we’re there. Biden went overseas to meet with the European NATO countries. He engaged in U.S. politics by attacking Trump with a debunked narrative rather than focusing on the issues NATO needed to address. It was a clear abdication of his role as a leader. OK, that was a leadership failure and the media here would cover for it. We can let that go. It was stupid but not cause for an international incident. The next 3 comments from Joe show a dangerous lack of awareness. He told the soldiers they would be going into Ukraine, he called for regime change in Moscow meaning take out Putin and he said we would respond in kind to Russia should they use chemical weapons.

Our media will do anything and everything to cover for Joe. They work in tandem. The problem is our enemies are not going to cover for Joe. Anything he said can be used for propaganda to their benefit.Remarks like Biden’s could cause WWIII. Seriously. This isn’t like the garbage our media put out about Trump. This is as real as it gets.

You don’t think his mind slipping like that isn’t dangerous? How about his having Russia and China negotiate a deal with Iran for us where Biden is willing to appease Iran and let them get a nuclear weapon? We know he’s giving them BILLIONS again which they use to fund terrorist attacks against us. Whatever cover the media can give Biden for his mental slips there’s no giving cover for his terrible policy with Iran. The only thing they can do is not report on it, which it looks like they’re doing.

They hid the Hunter laptop story so it wouldn’t hurt the Biden campaign in 2020. They’ll hide whatever they can and only reveal something to do damage control for him. i don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican, i don’t care if you love or hate Biden, i don’t care if you hate Trump with a passion Biden is putting our country in peril because he’s clearly checked out. i don’t know if it’s dementia or some other mental issue. I’m not a doctor. I can say in laymen’s terms that he’s checked out. A doctor can give a diagnosis for it; he should be tested and the country deserves the results. They investigated every single aspect of Pres Trump including his family. He took the test. We were given the results. No stone was left unturned when it came to President Trump all with the goal of getting rid of him. The goal here is not to get rid of Biden, but to protect our country. i’m sorry but the country comes before any party.

i think it’s time to invoke the 25th amendment. Harris wouldn’t make a good President but at least she’s got her mental faculties and is not going to put us in the danger Biden is. She may not be the sharpest tool in the box but they can keep her from going rogue and saying incredibly volatile comments. You can’t do that with Joe unless you keep him from public appearances. They did that on the campaign trail. What they didn’t seem to consider is that if he got elected he would be forced into making appearances he couldn’t avoid.

You want the truth. We couldn’t be any worse off with Harris in the oval office. Whether it’s Biden or Harris they are still going to damage us with their domestic policies. So does that make any difference which one it is? On the other hand if the 25th amendment is invoked it will signal to other countries we do not support what Biden has said regarding foreign policy and we intend to correct the problems we’ve had on the international stage. Right now, given the crises we face that is critical. There’s no choice here.I think they’d have more control over Harris. They obviously don’t have enough over Biden. You want to make another bad choice keep it up and try to protect him.Your first bad choice was getting him installed. We can live with that because we have to.We can’t always get our own way. We’re not the left screaming at the sky, burning down our cities.The 2nd bad choice is not admitting he has serious issues and that could spell our doom. ALL of us, the left included.

Forget party. Forget getting your own way on this one. The media isn’t always going to be able to save Biden’s butt; not for lack of trying. Other countries are not going to care about saving his butt as much as our media does here. This is serious.The 25th amendment should be invoked NOW.

(332) Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 03/25/2022 ✨ The Mark Levin Show 2022 ✨ ღ #MarkLevin​ ღ – YouTube He’s Tough As Nails But He’s Right. The Great One #Trump2024 #MAGA2022

(332) Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 03/25/2022 ✨ The Mark Levin Show 2022 ✨ ღ #MarkLevin​ ღ – YouTube

(332) Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 03/25/2022 ✨ The Mark Levin Show 2022 ✨ ღ #MarkLevin​ ღ – YouTube


I’ve been following this simple typical Russian family. If you decide to subscribe to their channel or leave a comment pls for their safety do not discuss politics. They don’t.

It’s not a political channel. You will get to know their family and meet their new addition-Sati. David is learning to speak English. They are interested in other cultures as well as giving their viewers insight into their own. It’s fun as well as informative to watch this family enjoy each others company and their daughter grow at each stage of development. It’s their first and they are like any family with a new baby. Politics are not necessary. The Russian people are trying to survive. They are not responsible for the actions of their government.