MAGA or Marx, MAGA or McConnell. You Decide

This year is a critical year. The election of 2020 was also consequential. It’s why we voted for President Trump. He did a great job and we hoped he would get a chance to continue. We expected bigger and better things in his 2nd term. We knew Biden wasn’t up to the job. He was hardly up to his own campaign. When we went to bed the night of the 3rd we thought Trump had possibly won but we also sensed something just didn’t feel right. i wasn’t ready to celebrate that night even with the huge numbers and lead over Biden. Questions. Why weren’t they calling a winner as of election night like they always did? Why did the media warn Trump not to make an announcement when they let Joe Biden jump in after that? How could a large state with a substantial population like California make a call right off when the smaller swing states couldn’t? Nothing that night passed the smell test. You knew it. i knew it. We thought nothing could be worse than 2020. Biden got installed and its been worse than we imagined.

We got through 2020 amid the disappointment, frustration and anger. We survived [barely]2020-2021 only to watch Biden totally destroy all the good things [for the country] Trump worked so hard for. Thankfully, we’ve made it up to the year of the mid terms. Man, didn’t think we’d ever get here. It’s going to be the best of times or the worst of times. It’s all up to us.

It’s going to be MAGA or Marx. It’s going to be MAGA or the uniparty of McConnell and cruise along to our own destruction. Mitch is slow on the uptake. Somehow we’ve got to get through to the Senate Republicans it’s either Mitch or us-and we don’t mean put in his prodigy Thune or Cornyn. He’s had them in training. They keep electing him. We have to get them to stop. He’s arrogant enough to believe he’s got it all wrapped up. Sad to say, he may be right but if we raise enough hell that could change.Mitch is a loser. PERIOD. Let’s get a MAGA leader up there! Someone better stand up to him. We’ve had it.

Now we have to defeat Biden and his marxist buddies. One good thing out of the 2020 election is that the enemy was revealed. We found out who our real friends and patriots were. We found out who the scum and the marxists were. We learned how deep the deep state is and that our once respected institutions are totally corrupted. We know now who was a fake MAGA who used us for votes. We might never have known if Biden hadn’t been installed. Maybe the country needed a little taste of what shape our country would be in if they went down this road. i hate to say that because i never wish ill on anyone.What i’m really thinking is we’d have been better off without all the crap going on and Trump got the term he earned but since he didn’t we have to learn from what we have. It could mean his next term will be even more consequential. He better clean house and take out the trash.

Hang in! He’ll Be Back!

Get this straight lefties. MAGA is not a cult. It’s a political/cultural movement that was overdue. It’s truly grass roots unlike your contrived movements funded by George Soros and other elites.

Now that the midterms are coming up and 24 won’t be that far away we have to get our ducks in a row on this side. We have a lot to deal with.

Right at the top of the list now is making sure Biden’s Supreme Court nominee does not get confirmed. She’s the worst pick since Garland. i can’t think of 2 more terrible picks for the Supreme Court than those 2. The woman Biden selected, Ketanji Brown, is a radical who would fit perfectly in the Biden administration. The strikes against her are as follows:

her leniency and lack of common sense regarding sex offenders. She let them off the hook with a 3 month sentence only for them to repeat the offenses. From what was reported she treated them as the victims. Although such cases aren’t likely to come before the Supreme Court she showed a lack of good judgement and failure to understand her responsibilities.

She absolutely supports CRT though she denied it in the hearing. Strike 2 here is not just her support of CRT.All she had to do was admit it. Don’t lie. She lied.

Strike 3 is regarding her philosophy on matters that could make their way into the Supreme Court; she was afraid to say what a woman is and she is definitely pro abortion. She avoided responding to questions re gender and abortion when she’s always made it clear what her position is. It’s a big mistake playing dumb. It’s dishonest. It tells people you’re afraid to stand up for what you really believe.

Not one Republican better vote for her. We know Mittens will. Murkowski, a closet Democrat, is likely to vote for her. I hope Lindsey Graham wasn’t all mouth. I got the impression he wasn’t too thrilled with her and Lindsey has always been fair with the other party’s nominees. He cuts them more of a pass than they’ve ever done with us.They were as bad as i’ve ever seen them with Trump’s nominees and that’s saying a lot. I remember their disgraceful treatment of Clarance Thomas.

IF you’re going to be a radical be a radical for the objective truth, objective morality and the Constitution you’re going to take an oath to defend.


They’ve been trying to destroy Donald Trump and the MAGA movement from day 1. There’s only one way they can do it,though they’ve tried two ways so far. We’re the one thing keeping them at bay. They know there’s more of us than there are of them. We have to realize there’s more of us than there are of them.

The one way that would work is to get the movement fighting amongst themselves. They do try to stir it up and see if they can get that going.The Democrats have always managed to stick together no matter what. When anyone gets out of line they get them back in line;though most on the left do it voluntarily anyway. No matter how terrible their candidate is they stick together and circle the wagons.Our inability to do this has always been our downfall.

You bet they know it.

Let’s stick with what we can agree on and try to put differences aside. The enemy are these marxists and their determination to destroy our country. If they can find a way to sow division they will. They will be looking for it.

The other tactic is cutting off communication with Pres Trump and his base. They were sure this would work. Be aware of it. It’s not Trump bailing on us. The left has all the means of communication at their disposal. They own it all. They banned him on Twitter and social media. When you don’t have the office of President you no longer have a platform. It put Trump in a difficult position. They knew it too. It’s only made me more determined to get MAGA candidates elected in 2022 and Trump back in the White House in 24. The only real tool they have to defeat us is division. We’re all he has and they’re just waiting for us to thrown in the towel. Fortunately the rallies have started. He has that much of a platform at least. It’s why the incumbent always has the advantage. They have a platform the opposition doesn’t. i heard some good news on Newsmax about the upcoming Trump rally. More anxious than ever to watch this one if it’s what ii think it is. How about you?

Meantime i’m patiently waiting to get on Truthsocial. A year from now we will all be on Truthsocial and it will give Twitter a proper burial.

We have to be patient and give it time. Dan Bongino is right. We have to create a parallel economy. He’s put his money where his mouth is too.Dan gets props. He and Mark Levin are the best warriors we could ask for. There’s others in Congress like Jim Jordan and the Freedom Caucus.

BTW, i was suspended on Twitter but given their stated policy against free speech i can’t see any reason to try to get back on there. i can’t see any reason for any of us to be there. Why would we support a platform that does not have the time of day for our first amendment? Let the liberals end up cannibalizing themselves. They will once we’re gone. How many asinine trends can they do?


 Thank Joe Biden for this disaster. Thank Joe Biden for the disaster in Afghanistan too. Thank him for the upcoming disaster with the Iran deal while we’re at it.

People, just because we support Ukraine doesn’t mean we want boots on the ground in Ukraine. We support Ukraine because it’s the right thing to do. The implications of this war go way beyond Ukraine. First of all, if Trump were in office it wouldn’t have happened. Putin would have known better. More on Putin another day. i’m convinced he’s on the ropes and his days are numbered .Not because of anything we’re doing; of his OWN doing.IMHO the sanctions Biden imposed are worthless. They’re only hurting the Russian people and us; NOT Putin and his supporters.

Just be aware that is a lot of propaganda going on surrounding the conflict. Don’t buy everything you hear. There are different people with different agendas but agendas there are. Know this and you can see it with your own 2 eyes: the Russian military is not winning. IF they were the conflict would have wrapped up days,if not weeks, ago. The fact that the Russian military is still fighting is clear proof this isn’t over. You can be sure it’s over when Zelensky is removed, the Ukranians lay down their arms and Putin has installed a puppet government of his own choosing. It’s not over until that happens. FACT.

i believe if the truth were told Biden wants Russia to win. He can’t handle crises. He’s not leading. He makes a comment now and then but most of the time he barely says squid. I’d call him MIA (as per usual).The NATO story Putin put out there was b.s. He convinced some in the West the reason he invaded was due to Ukraine asking for membership in NATO. LIE. Putin is not the good guy here. He wasn’t a KGB spy for years because he’s a really nice guy. Was Putin elected? Nope-he murdered his way to the top. He’s been at the top for 20+ years. How do you think he’s managed that? Zelensky may not be perfect and Ukraine may not be a model democracy but Zelensky stayed at great risk to himself for the sake of his country and that may be his saving grace. The Ukranians are fighting for their country and as long as they’re willing there is no reason not to support them. We don’t have to like Zelensky. They did and they elected him.

Yes, i support the integrity of their borders as much as i support the integrity of ours. It matters. Yes,i support a less than perfect democracy over the war mongering communist take over from Moscow. No,i do not want Putin to win and give him an incentive to continue his march to resurrect the Soviet Union. No,i do not want to give China reason to be more emboldened. i’d rather they had misgivings about their own plans to invade Taiwan. Maybe they will do it regardless but i’d like to have one shred of hope than no hope at all.

Why do i think that’s what Putin’s ultimate goal is? He said so and when someone tells you they plan to do something you should probably take them at THEIR word.

Who would have thought just a few years ago that Putin would ever invade Ukraine? Biden was his dream come true. It definitely wasn’t Trump.

All he needed was a very weak leader in the White House.

So let’s support Ukraine. Let’s support our own wonderful country. Let’s keep the MAGA movement strong and put Trump back in the White House. Sound like a plan? We’re on the right side of history.