📣Tornado Outbreak This Week🌪️🌪️🌪️

possible. i have 2 topics i’m going to put on hold for a few days. One is going to be re the ideologies of Russia, Iran,China and the U.S. and the other is going to be on why Joe Biden needs to do the right thing for a change and step down. If not i’m ready to get on the Republican’s case and insist they go for impeachment and the removal of Joe. They better have some fight ready to go this year. If not that, AT LEAST get the America First Agenda out there front and center. The RINO’s have to go,especially Mitch McConnell. John Thune can stay but he better not end up being Speaker.Same goes for the other Mitch butt smoocher John Cornyn. We’ll get back to the politics when this event is over.

For now let’s focus on the possible tornado outbreak. Let’s go over a condensed version of what to do. Let’s prepare now. We can hope they’re wrong but they only have to be right once.

  1. have a safe place. put as many walls between you and the tornadic activity as possible and stay away from windows
  2. Three places NOT to be; a vehicle, a mobile home or your garage. If you have errands to run do them early, get what you need and if you live in a mobile home better figure out another place to go NOW.
  3. have a plan. DON’T BE SCARED, BE PREPARED. Got helmets? Good. Get em ready and if the time comes use them.A mattress isn’t a bad idea either. have a way to get alerts. Phone or radio or both. Make sure everything you might need is charged. Remember,if you have a tornado or for that matter a severe storm your power is likely to go out. Flashlights. Have em ready and charged! Cell phone charged
  4. monitor the weather. Check the SPC reports. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/outlook/ Stay tuned to your local weather. Catch Ryan Hall Ya’ll on you tube for his forecasting and livestreams. At the least check the spc report and stay tuned to your local weather for watches and warnings.


pick a safe space . an interior room with as many walls as possible between you and tornado

have a plan

do not be in a vehicle, garage or mobile home. NOT a safe space

Stay alert and weather aware

make sure things that need charged ARE charged

got helmets? have em ready and use them

do not blow this off. They may be wrong but they only have to be right once

Share this info with other people who may have no idea what is coming!


get out of Dodge-that is the risk area-before the event is forecast to begin

Have your safe space-the lowest level with as many walls as possible between you and the weather as possible…a basement the best bet and an interior room as the next best choice. Have helmets, first aide kit, weather radio with batteries {a Midland Weather radio for instance},flashlight {charged of course}and cell phone{charged},bottled water and snacks. Maybe you have an indoor shelter and if you don’t have one you may want to consider it for the next time.

finally, and i can’t emphasize this enough, if you live in a mobile home aka trailer get out period. Have an alternate place to go. Make arrangements now.This is not an extra step. This is THE step.

Laptop From Hell. President From Hell

After the 3 yr Russia Collusion lie and the fake impeachment lie whatever possessed anyone to believe the lying media when many of us knew  the laptop was authentic? How many times can someone fall for the  Russian disinformation story and not figure out they’re being duped? A lot of people knew the laptop was real and that Biden was corrupt. How could anyone not know? I know it was heavily censored but there was plenty of info still getting out there.All you had to do was pick up the NY Post and/or watch the Tony Bobulinski  interview with Tucker. Dan Bongino had the receipt from the repair shop with Hunter’s name,address and signature. Signature people. How about Joe openly admitting a quid pro quo in Ukraine when he was VP?


Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide

Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide