They Didn’t Know About Spygate or the Biden Laptop? Seriously?

You didn’t know about Spygate when Bongino exposed the Russia Collusion hoax? Mark Levin was another public figure that talked about the fake collusion narrative probably 2 yrs ago at least. i knew the whole story was bunk back then too. i have several books that cover the hoax-from different angles but the same expose. They didn’t have the whole story then like we do now but they had a handle on most of the story.

These books include Bongino’s Spygate, Greg Jarret’s the Russia Hoax, Lee Smith’s The Plot Against the President, George Papadopolous’s Deep State Target. There are other fantastic books that cover the Russia Hoax but i can’t afford to buy every single book i’d like to read.

Bongino gave a talk about the scandal back in 2018 and he got it right.He covered most of what we knew at the time. It’s worth listening to if you haven’t already.

My question is, how could you NOT know?

By 2020 you had to know that the media had been lying all along and actually participated in trying to destroy Pres Trump.

So you mean to tell me you didn’t know about the Hunter Biden laptop and therefore voted Biden thinking he was a real good guy or at least that he wasn’t Trump. You didn’t question why the media-known to lie and help the Democrats spread the collusion story-was so eager and determined to blow off the lap top story. You mean to tell me you knew there was information out there about the laptop and didn’t bother to check it out? When Twitter banned the story from the NY Post you weren’t mildly curious what was so bad about the NY Post report that it had to be banned?

You trusted these people after they spent 3 yr lying about Trump being an agent of Russia? The biggest scandal in recent American history and you still trusted them?

Fox news reported on the lap top. They had an interview with a Hunter Biden associate who was willing to talk. Here is Tucker Carlson in a sit down with Tony Bobulinski back in Oct 2020.

i’m no huge fan of Fox News. In fact we don’t have cable tv period but you still have to stay informed. Go where the news is.

I just can’t believe people who had the wool pulled over their eyes with the 3 yr long Russia Hoax would actually fall for the laptop was Russian disinformation report.

Do they like being played for suckers or what? They couldn’t do their own research? The information was out there, Sometimes it was hidden in plain sight but certainly after the Russia Hoax the words Russian disinformation would give anyone pause.

Here’s the problem. Whatever the left is accusing their opponents of doing is actually what THEY are doing.

i remember how the same lying media was gaslighting its audience into believing that Trump would refuse to leave office if he lost the election in 2020. Remember what Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden before the election on Nov 3rd-don’t concede the election no matter what happens, meaning even if Biden lost. She didn’t say don’t concede the election if you think you won or if the election is close or even if the election is questionable. It’s what people would normally say and there’s nothing wrong with it. It happens. She said no matter what and that means exactly what she intended it to.

So what did the legacy media do? They turned it around and claimed that Pres Trump would attempt to stage a coup.Think about it.Every time they accuse Trump of anything we find out that they actually did it.

I could make the case that the election of Joe Biden was the end result of a real coup. i’m not going to do it here because i’ve already done it in several blog entries over the past year. It’s not the point i’m trying to make here anyway. What am i saying is that when there is info out there you might want to look into it. I’m also saying that the media had done so much lying and gaslighting four yr straight that i can’t believe people didn’t question the media saying it was Russian disinformation. When they said it was disinformation then CENSORED it red flags should have gone up. Why worry if it was a false story? As Dan Bongino noted and it’s worth mentioning; there was never a shred of evidence the dossier was true and all kinds of receipts for the Hunter laptop including the man’s own signature.

There was plenty of information out there regarding spygate and the Russia Hoax.There was plenty of information out there about the Hunter Laptop. There was also plenty of information out there on how the Democrats and the media were rigging the 2020 election against President Trump.

Martin Luther King wrote in his 1963 Sermon of Strength,

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” 

What Dr. King was saying there is the same point i am trying to get across. There was no reason to end up having to say you didn’t know when there was plenty of information out there and given the importance of an election it would have been a good idea to look into it. A lot of people knew.We never took the legacy media’s word for anything. They lost credibility a long time ago. Maybe they were telling the truth but given their track record with the Russia Hoax and the fact that they censored this story made it worth checking out. As long as there were people who knew about the laptop what possible reason could people have for not knowing?