An Open Letter To @tuckercarlson

Since i’m banned on twitter will have to check out your account on other platform unless a reader happens to share this on twitter.Also banned on Facebook. i would not be able to share it there either.


i can share on parler, gettr,mewe and reddit. i signed up for Truthsocial months ago but the app is made only for the i phone. Am waiting until it’s available for a desktop. It’d be great if readers would share this on twitter, facebook or truthsocial. Two things i will NEVER get; the vaccination or a cell phone. i did get covid already and i caught it from my vaccinated husband. Talk to your family dr. about the vaccines. Decide for yourself. i do not give out medical advice. NOT qualified.This was just our experience. It may not hold true for everyone.


Now to make this as simple and concise as possible so i don’t end up writing a book.

Your segment on Fox is awesome.Your documentaries are excellent. i don’t always agree with every guest though and if Tusli Gabbard is on i don’t bother to watch. In my book she’s a Democrat opportunist who has an agenda of her own. Is she a traitor? Nope. Is expressing her personal opinion treasonous? Nope. Is she relevant? Nope-no more than Romney is and he’s just plain stupid.

Every cable news network has their arm chair generals come out and give their analysis of the war in Ukraine. Every war the arm chair generals are called in to give their analysis. Forget it Tucker. You bring on an officer who’s out in the field i’ll give them serious consideration. This Ukranian war is especially difficult to get solid information from. We know a few things with certainty; Russia invaded Ukraine with an unprovoked attack. The Russian military is not trying to avoid collateral damage. We’re not seeing actual combat.We’re seeing civilian areas being targeted by the Russians.

Am i a ‘necon’? Hardly.i protested the Vietnam War and it had nothing to do with either party. i was a dyed in the wool pacifist back when. There was no justification for ANY war. I was also naive and uninformed. When George HW Bush took our country to war during his presidency my pov changed. First,he built a coalition. Second, he stated the objective for the military and it was limited. They were going to liberate Kuwait and drive the invading military out. They did and the war ended. He did not take us into Iraq proper and march on to Baghdad. He didn’t engage in nation building. The military followed the stormin Norman doctrine of overwhelming force on the battlefield.

When his son was elected President he abandoned his fathers legacy and did the exact opposite in the second Gulf War. i’d consider his father’s war a victory and his own a miserable failure. Not that our military failed. He failed our military. They deserved a hero’s welcome when they came home. George needed a kick in the pants. I think we learned our lesson. On the other hand we had no choice but to go into Afghanistan,get Bin Laden and take out as much of Al Queda as we possibly could. So you can see the younger naive pacifist was gone by this time. Some wars are justified. Is war always the answer to a political problem? Hardly, but the fact is we live in a less than perfect world. Is nation building the job of our military? Nope. It’s a real bad idea but so is crt, woke culture and transgender advocacy. Their job is to win on the battlefield when called. PERIOD.

We do not need to put one boot on the ground in Ukraine. This would amount to war between Russia and the United States. We don’t need to go down that road. We should help Ukraine fight their own battle against the invading military. Is it our concern? Yes, it’s the right thing to do. Can we oppose this? Absolutely. It does not make you a Putin Puppet. The left has been pulling that one since the Russia Collusion Lie. Unfortunately i think some Republicans are being maligned because they support helping Ukraine and called neo conservatives by the right. Other Republicans are being maligned as Putin puppets because they don’t support helping Ukraine at all and that’s mostly coming from the left. Although i’ve heard it from the right too. We’re all entitled to our own opinion without having to be labeled neo conservatives or putin puppets.i could spell it out and posit who i am convinced is actually treasonous but we’ll save that for another day.

People attacked Lindsey Graham for saying out loud what many of us are thinking. Could you question the prudence of his saying it out loud? Sure, but i’m not going to say a peep.

The biggest problem with the reporting on the war in Ukraine is that there is no actual coverage of combat on the battlefield. Russia is doing indiscriminate targeting of civilian areas. Is bombing a city to the ground a military victory? Only if you can get the adversary to cry uncle and these Ukranians seem determined to defend their country to the last man. As long as they’re willing to defend their country and their freedom supporting them is the right thing to do. We don’t need to commit our military and do it for them. If the Russians offer a ceasefire or a peace deal they can accept we can get behind that 100% too.

The truth is we have a man in the oval office who doesn’t care. Biden would just as soon have the Russians take over Ukraine and get it behind him. He can’t deal with disasters. The Biden Doctrine is simple: appeasement.

I’ve heard the argument about protecting our own borders that question our support for protecting the borders of Ukraine. I get it. There’s some differences though. The people invading our country are for the most part unarmed illegal immigrants who shouldn’t be coming here. The people invading Ukraine are the MILITARY wing of another country trying to topple the legitimate Ukranian government,destroy the military and install their own puppet government of Russia.

They’re inflicting mass causalities of the civilian population. i wish we had a President who would enforce our borders. Absolutely, but there’s no comparison beyond that. Don’t look at me-i didn’t vote for Biden.The solution here is to vote for people who will protect our borders/enforce our laws.

Either Biden doesn’t really know what happened or he’s lying and he did know all along that Russia would invade Ukraine. It’s hard to tell with him. There were articles back in 2021 throwing red flags all over the place. It wasn’t as if we didn’t know it was likely.

People are questioning Putin’s mental stability now. Did they forget the guy was a KGB spy and he’s perfectly capable of everything he is doing? They should be questioning Biden’s mental capabilities.

Putin’s not a good guy. We know what he does to his opponents. Was Putin elected? Only if you consider the only guy on the ballot as being duly elected. He’s been the sitting President of Russia for some 20+ yrs. How’d he manage that? It wasn’t by being Mr. Nice Guy. Smart? Yes. Saint Putin? Hell no! Please do not attribute any good motives for the invasion of Ukraine. If Ukraine decides to drop membership in NATO as a condition for an agreement w/ Russia,that’s fine. THEIR call. IMHO the narrative about NATO is just Putin looking for cover. i bet he would have invaded Ukraine regardless-he was only waiting for the right time to go in and that was when he surmised the U.S. wouldn’t give him much opposition. When Biden said he’d be ok with a small incursion he basically gave Putin the green light.

Remember the Biden doctrine. It bears repeating. Appeasement. Prove me wrong.

Lessons Learned From the Ukraine War

We should always protect freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms. Appeasement means capitulation to tyrants. Peace through strength keeps us out of wars.