Biden & Putin Both,A Clear & Present Danger to the U.S. and Liberty

both these heads of state are dangerous. They are a threat to our country and liberty. This makes both of them a threat to the world; just for different reasons. Biden is not the murdering thug Putin is. :I’m not making a comparison that means they are similar in their mo. i’m making a comparison in how their different behaviors have the same consequences. I know when Trump was President they made him out to be an agent of Putin and/or Satan incarnate.They pulled off their attempted coup. i won’t do that to Biden. IF ever there was a time to be honest this is it.

i’m not a doctor. i have no medical degree of any kind. i can’t diagnose Biden but in laymen’s terms i can say he’s checked out.When you have a family member going through these kinds of issues it’s one thing but when it’s a sitting President it’s another matter altogether. I’d feel sorry for Joe and his family under other circumstances but they let him run for President and rigged the election. i have more sympathy for the people of this country than i do them.Frankly it makes me angry.

His family knew,ditto his campaign,the media and the Democrats. There is no way on earth they didn’t know. The bottom line,the honest to God truth is,Biden is unfit to be President.

Right now we need a President who is fully engaged, conveys strength and doesn’t put up with threats and intimidation from anyone.We need a President who puts America First and believes in peace through strength. Since we don’t have that it’s time to be realistic and honest in our dealing with what we have.Forget party. Biden is putting us in grave danger.

The Republican party is getting to me too.Almost as much as the left.

It’s time to stop the infighting. IF you’re going to side with the left then join the left.

We have to defend freedom both at home AND abroad. There’s no false choice between one and the other. It does NOT mean boots on the ground and engage directly in a war with Russia. :It does mean support Ukraine as much as possible so THEY can defend their own country as long as they are willing to fight for their own freedom, their own country.

Biden is over here playing footsie with Iran,Russia and China. Nobody’s minding the store. Whoever is giving Biden his orders is gaslighting the American people into believing inflation,product shortages and high energy prices are Putin’s fault. Yes, there are people stupid enough to believe it. It all started before Russia invaded Ukraine. For God’s sake snap out of the trance and start thinking.

Unfortunately our media became Pravda and the Democrat party totally caved to their Marxist wing.
Our once trusted, respected institutions such as the FBI & DOJ became corrupt.

Yes, the war in Ukraine is having an impact on our problems here at home.They are contributing to the problems we already had and that is the point. They are not the cause.

BTW. What Romney says about anything is irrelevant. Romney is irrelevant. i don’t care what he says or doesn’t say., does or doesn’t do. i don’t care what Tulsi Gabbard has to say either. Nothing either of these 2 people have anything to say that really matters. Tulsi is an opportunist with her own agenda and Romney is just plain stupid.

Here’s an issue that does matter and what he has to say IS very relevant. It’s DOCTOR and Congressman Ronnie Jackson on Biden’s mental decline. It couldn’t have been more evident than during Biden’s Equal Pay Day Remarks this week. As reported by Australia’s Sky News.

If you go back through the America First blog entries during the campaign period of 2020 there are several about Biden’s cognitive problems. Why didn’t the public take it into consideration at the time? They didn’t notice? You couldn’t miss it. Biden’s staff was keeping him hidden plus the media was carrying water for him. OF course, they spent more time trying to destroy Pres Trump than they did covering Biden. Maybe that’s why it was missed. The Democrats knew and didn’t care. The same might be true for their base. However, at this point we can’t afford to have someone in the Oval who’s checked out like Biden. Our allies have written us off. Some aren’t even speaking to Biden anymore. Our economy is crashing and the world has become incredibly dangerous because Joe is not just weak-he’s absent & surrounded by radicals. who are more activist than capable. It’s unfortunate for the American people that we don’t have an honest media.

Putin is dangerous because he’s a murderous thug. Putin is dangerous because he is backed by another authoritarian godless regime, the CCP in China. Neither one of these tyrants has any regard for human life. All they have are political ambitions with a drive to stay in power and gain power. Putin waited for just the right time. We knew what he was going to do and it was going to be soon. We know China will go for Taiwan. at just the right time and that will be soon enough.

Trump was never one to mince words. He didn’t waste our time with a lot of verbal nonsense. The media would gaslight the public though and take his words out of context to spin their narrative. He did say,Putin is smart and our leaders (the Biden admin & Democrat leaders)are stupid. It’s not ALL he said like they would have you believe but my question is,what part of that statement isn’t true? :I know this;for all the 81 million voters Biden supposedly had i’ve yet to run into not more than a handful of them. :I would give anything for those days-not that long ago either- when we had a President that put us first and the world was calmer. Now we have to deal with a man in the White House who has obviously checked out and nobody is demanding transparency except a few concerned people in Congress.

It’s not funny. We are in serious times and in serious trouble. i don’t give a fat rats butt how much the media loves Joe. I do care how they cover for him. I do care that the Democrats in Congress and some Republicans are already scheming on how they can destroy Trump and rig the next election. They know he’s going to run. There’s plenty they should be worried about and rigging an election against the wishes of the American people is not one of them. Who do they think they are?

Our country is in danger internally from a puppet President ruled by Marxists and externally from ruthless foreign despots.

Take the test Joe.