You Can Listen As Well As You Hear

i’m a southern rock, metal and blues kind of gal but this song so touched me years ago have never forgotten it. It’s a song everyone can relate to for different reasons. In my case it’s my parents who passed away within a year of each other. It can easily apply to more than 1 relationship. i don’t usually share music here but i was thinking about this one the other day and decided it was worth making an exception.

Report: 77% of voters say they don’t mind a raise in gas prices to cut off oil to Putin. Whoah. Not So Fast!

The Biden admin recently cut off the purchase of Russian oil, after being silent on the whole matter for the longest time. i was all for it ages ago but let’s add a caveat; only if Biden was willing to let us become energy independent again like we were under Trump.

You see when we cut off Russia we’re not only cutting off one of our sources of oil we’re actually cutting off 2 and the other was our main source; OURSELVES. The U.S. that is.

So this poor excuse of a fake President cut our throats. It gets better.Now he’s turning to our enemies-2 of the worst authoritarian regimes-Venezuela and Iran for our supply. We would end up paying for Iran’s nuclear production. That is,our own demise.

Biden couldn’t possibly be that stupid but he is.

All for the sake of the Green New Deal which won’t amount to much once Iran has a nuclear weapon.

What the libs seem to miss is that if it’s bad for the environment here it’s the same effect if it’s Venezuela, Iran or Russia. DUH.

I wouldn’t be handing Biden carte blanche on anything. The Democrats will.

I see the snake Tulsi Gabbard is piping up again.

Anything to get in the news cycle and make a name for herself. Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity keep giving her air time-i’m not sure why.She stated an opinion which she’s entitled to and then Mitt “Mittens” Romney accused her of spreading treasonous lies when he should have ignored her. I don’t have the time of day for either of them. The lab story was kind of fuzzy.i would have waited and tried to get more info before making any claims .

Remember Tulsi voted to impeach Pres. Trump. Don’t let her fool you .She’s no friend to us. Tucker and Hannity are getting played.

One person i do want to defend is Candace ‘Owens who was in the right for what she said.

i saw her name trending on twitter and knew immediately she was under attack. The left really fears this lady.

Here’s the tweet she put up in response:


Candace is right. The Russian people have no say in what Putin does or doesn’t do.

None of these sanctions or bans are going to affect Putin personally. The Russian people are being made to suffer for an invasion they had nothing to do with. The ban on oil is the one that would make the biggest dent on Putin’s invasion but it should have been done a long time ago.

Pres Trump loves our country. Candace loves our country. They are 2 great Patriots. There is nothing wrong with Candace standing up for an opinion that is right. She doesn’t control what the Russian Embassy says. but just because they use the truth to push their propaganda doesn’t change the fact that it’s true Many Russian citizens have no idea there are Russian soldiers in Ukraine. The only know what their media tells them and they believe it.No different than ours anymore. If they don’t want the citizens to get any information they just ban it. Same here.

Our country set up the shameful internment camps for the Japanese during WWII. Remember that? You punish the citizens of a country for the decisions of the few. It’s not like the Russians elected Putin and they can vote him out.

Funny thing is Lindsey Graham, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity called for the removal of Putin and the left went berserk over that. They’re never happy but when asked if they’d defend the U.S. in an invasion at least half of them [Dems] said no. They have no room to criticize Candace.

None of this would have happened, we wouldn’t be where we are today, if Trump were in the White House.