Top 10: Things I Would NOT Do In the U.S. Right Now

  1. enlist in the military. i do not need to sign up & train to be a social justice warrior. The government is paying for transgender surgery in the armed services. You have a desire to change gender it’s the place to go. The rest of us take a hard pass. Ready to retire from the military? Now is the time to do it!
  2. tour the city of NY, move to NY, ride the subway train in NY. Search NYC subway in your browser. All you need to know. The taxes, rent, crime, prices and people are too high.
  3. call the White House to leave a comment for the President. Sorry folks. He’s not taking calls. The White House You Tube channel isn’t taking comments either. We’re talking about a You Tube service that removed the dislike count so Joe wouldn’t be offended. i called the White House to leave a comment several times over the past year. The response is that they don’t have enough staff. A year later not enough staff? Take the hint. Joe does not want to hear from us.
  4. tell a waitress you want Russian Salad Dressing. Putin might have stock in an American salad dressing company? They’re funding the Russian military? What did we miss here? BTW. The Russian people do not give orders to the military. They have no more say in what their government does than we have in ours right now. They’re trying to survive the sanctions that will never affect Putin. They’re NOT interested in your plans for regime change either. It’s not going to happen. They have families to take care of and enough worries of their own. Same with us Joe. We’re trying to survive what you’ve done to us.
  5. participate in a school board protest in your local area. The KGB does not approve of free speech or parental rights. My bad…i mean FBI. Sorry, got them confused.
  6. do not call the Capitol incident on Jan 6 a riot. The media calls it an insurrection. Do not call the Antifa/ BLM insurrection of 2020 anything but a mostly peaceful protest. Ignore the White House attack and injured Secret Service agents.
  7. do not ask the FBI where Ray Epps is. i bet they don’t know.
8. Never, never,never,never question the 2020 election results.Biden had 81 million votes and more of the black vote than Obama could have dreamed of. Can’t find these people anywhere but there were 81 million of them. Remember, they banned a sitting President for it. You don’t want to get into trouble do you? You’re a Democrat you say? My bad again…feel free. Stacey Abrams is still on Twitter isn’t she? Not sure. You can let me know in a comment. i was banned on Twitter AND Facebook. To this day i still don’t know what i said. Evidently someone got their panties in a knot. They blocked me on the Conservative TreeHouse too. Don’t know if i’ll ever recover.

9. Never, never, never ever question the Russian media. Never, never, never ever question the U.S. media.Give them cred-they do investigative journalism. You would never have known that Pres Trump was an agent of Putin if the U.S. media hadn’t told you.😲

10. Above all else, do not blame Joe Biden for anything.Repeat after me, orange man bad.

aint that the truth Mr. .Breitbart!

God bless him. What a good man he was. He opened my eyes to some indisputable truths in his own unique way.

(779) HOME HEATING BILLS in Russia after SANCTIONS 2022! | NATURAL GAS PRICE! – YouTube

As i said in the blog post ::Land of Confusion:: it is the Russian people who are paying the price for what their leadership is doing. It’s not affecting Putin. It’s the same in America. We are paying for what the demented old coot,Biden,is doing here. It’s not affecting him. He leaves DC and hides out in Delaware.

These are good people. They struggle like all good people.

(779) HOME HEATING BILLS in Russia after SANCTIONS 2022! | NATURAL GAS PRICE! – YouTube