Ukrainian Defenders Announce They’ve Pulled Off Hat Trick with Decapitation of Russian Forces

As the war continues between Ukraine and Russia, the Ukrainians have not backed down and have not been easily taken by Russian forces.Successfully pulling off a wartime hat trick, the Ukrainian forces have killed three Russian generals, CNN reported.In a tweet on March 11, Ukraine’s Armed Forces announced that they had “managed to eliminate Major General Andriy Kolesnikov, the commander of the Eastern Military District.’

Ukrainian Defenders Announce They’ve Pulled Off Hat Trick with Decapitation of Russian Forces

::Land of Confusion::

Here’s what we know.

Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia was unprovoked. Putin said it was a peacekeeping mission. He lies as well as Biden does.

Since the conflict started i’ve been hearing a lot of people say they’re confused. If we weren’t lied to by this administration and the media,people wouldn’t be confused.

Biden sent VP Harris to Europe because he didn’t want to deal with the situation. Harris fumbled again. She’s not the sharpest tool in the box but it’s not all her fault either.There’s no leadership from the White House. There’s nothing there to defend.What can she say when met with the tough questions?

Biden imposed sanctions on Russia. They’re supposed to hurt Putin.; they haven’t touched him.The only people feeling the pain right now are the Russian people.

Biden is irrelevant. He has no idea how to handle the crisis. The government-Deep State-wants the people of Russia to rise up and throw out Putin. Their goal is regime change. Not going to happen. The Russians are busy just trying to survive. Most are intimidated and fearful of their government anyway. There is a handful too who support Putin and blame us.

None of this should have happened. Biden is weak.He doesn’t have the mental capacity to deal with all the crisis he’s created. Harris couldn’t defend the Biden policy because he has none. All Biden can do is blame Trump,Covid and Putin for everything he’s done wrong.

Where was Congress when all this was brewing? They were too busy going after Trump. They didn’t give any thought to the consequences of the Russia Collusion Hoax.They’re STILL going after Trump.It’s ALL they do. Putin is having the military target civilians and what are the Democrats focused on-destroying Pres Trump.Did the Russians actually target the Ukainian nursing/hospital. i have no doubt they did.NONE. You can’t imagine any human being doing such a thing but that’s our way of thinking. Putin doesn’t care.He was a KGB spy. He doesn’t care about pr. He does not live by our standards.He’s had his opponents murdered. He’s had civilian populations targeted before. He is the only one in Russia that ‘runs’ for President; he’s done it for 20 yrs. You don’t stay in power that long because you’re the good guy. Good people hold legitimate elections [hear that Democrats].There is a lot of propaganda going around too.Our media is lame and doesn’t bother to investigate anything .They run phony stories about Trump. How hard is that? It’s not journalism.

i’ve heard of a couple Republicans saying they thought Trump was a great President but that he shouldn’t run in 2024. i think they should mind their own business. We don’t help the Democrats. We don’t help out Russia, China or Iran.

He’s going to run and he’s going to win. The Democrats are so terrified that he’s going to win in 24 that they’re trying to keep him off the ballot.

Our media is pravda. They cover for Joe and lie about Trump. They have no room to say anything about Russian propaganda. They’re no different.

They accuse you of what they are doing.

Liberals, the only people stupid enough to think Biden is doing a great job and the media is honest.I’ve got news for this guy. I’m no fan of the GOP establishment anymore than i’m a fan of the lying cheating DNC. All you have to do is answer one question ;who was banned from social media and accused of being a Russian agent-Joe or President Trump? Censorship on that scale could only be done by a Marxist organization supported by a tyrannical government.

Words to the wise though; i oppose boots on the ground in Ukraine but we don’t have to sound like we’re apologists for Putin because we oppose involvement in ‘Ukraine. Trump was willing to help them out with military equipment and congratulated Zelensky on his win. .It sounded to me like Trump wanted to work with the legitimately elected President of Ukraine. Remember the phone call the Democrats tried to impeach him for? Let’s not forget that Ukraine gave up the one deterrent it had, nuclear weapons because Russia signed an agreement not to invade. They should never have given them up but they trusted our government to be an honest broker. Obama/ Biden were the honest brokers at the time. Joe was busy doing a quid pro quo in Ukraine and making millions by selling out the office of VP to foreign countries, our adversaries included.

These liberals don’t get it. They’re being played by their own Marxist government, media and tech corporations. They think the Jan 6 select committee is a legitimate use of government authority. We can only hope to get MAGA candidates elected in the mid terms, put McConnell out to pasture and get a Republican party ready to go on offense from day 1. We have to end the uniparty once and for all. We need more warriors like Jim Jordan of Ohio and less of the never Trumpers, limp wristed Republicans like Romney &Cheney. We don’t need Rino’s like Murkowsi and Collins who vote with the Democrats.We don’t need the uniparty leaders Pelosi and McConnell.

Trump is going to run and win in 24.The Democrats are so terrified of the win he’s going to have they will do anything and everything to destroy him. They can’t stop us,if we don’t let them. I only hope we can survive until 24 and salvage what’s left of our country. We need more warriors like Jim Jordan of Ohio and less Never Trumpers like Romney and Cheney. We can elect MAGA candidates in 2022. We need people who can fight, not play dead. We don’t need Rino’s like Murkowski and Collins who vote with the enemy. We have to destroy the uniparty of McConnell and Pelosi. If we got Trump elected in 2016 with everything stacked against us, we can do it again in 2024. We have to ensure there is election integrity in 24 though. We know what the Democrats and Never Trumpers are capable of doing now since Joe was installed. We can’t let it happen again. The mid terms will be the testing ground.

There’s no reason to be confused. Keep in mind that Putin’s the bad guy here. Biden is a puppet who has no mental capabilities. The news media is propaganda. President Trump is the good guy. You keep that in mind you can sort it all out. It’s a rough period we’re going through since Biden was installed. I have faith that the American people weren’t stupid enough to actually get him elected.