Wait A Second Joe. You contradicted yourself all in one sentence

First Biden blamed everyone else for the rising gas prices. ie Russia and the oil industry. :In the next breathe he admitted he was going to get us away from dependence on oil and transition to electric.So which is it? The Russians and oil industry caused the rise in gas prices or his administration is ending our dependence on oil. Question; HOW do we transition? What’s the plan Joe?

It gets better-he’s moving us away from oil production here but he’s going to import oil from Iran and Venezuela. WTH? Another contradiction. So which is it Joe? You start off with an obvious lie then try to pull a fast one hoping the American people are too stupid to catch it. WRONG.

Trump warned everyone at the U.N. about Russia and the Germans laughed. Trump warned everyone about a lot of things that turned out to be right. Trump warned us about Joe. Boy, was he right on that one!

Where’s those fact checkers now?


for the youngsters, that’s Simon and Garfunkle

(Simon’s the short one)