The Twitlibs Are Trying to Save Face For Biden

Kushner is trending on Twitter. The leaders of Saudi Arabia and UAE refuse to speak to Biden so the twitlibs are blaming Jared Kushner. They’re saying he should be subpoenaed. How did they ever make such a leap? The WSJ is insinuating it has something to do with Putin according to the WSJ tweet. They both took calls from Putin. My first thought was, so what? They’re really going out on a limb to spare Biden the humiliation and implicating Kushner at the same time.

Here’s the real story; Biden is cutting a deal with their sworn enemy Iran. Why would they want to speak to him? Biden is going to let Iran get nukes. Can you blame them for their reaction?

Trump is no longer in office. How much influence would Kushner ever have now? We’re supposed to be fooled by their nonsense. IDTS.