No, We Do Not Want Boots on the Ground

The minute you say something to the effect that we ought to be helping Ukraine, people assume you mean send in our military; or put the other way, ‘boots’ on the ground. No, we are not pushing for boots on the ground. The media is. Some Republicans and Democrats are,but i’m not speaking for those people. We promised Zelensky certain military equipment. Trump spoke with Zelensky on that infamous phone call- the one the Dems tried to use to impeach him with-and approved sending the equipment he requested. Let’s not forget that ‘Obama-Biden sent them blankets and MRE’s. So Trump was the one who approved military aid.

Yes, our own southern border is wide open under Biden. It shouldn’t be. We’re a sovereign country too. Yes, it’s an invasion but it’s an invasion of illegals not soldiers coming with rifles, tanks,bombs and missiles. Could we please make that distinction when we use the word invasion?

Personally, i oppose the sanctions. They’re stupid and a total waste of time. I get that the Biden admin thinks the sanctions will cause regime change in Moscow. For one, that would take time, it might get squashed before it gets started and finally the Russian people are going to be so busy just trying to survive they may not try anything at all. The higher ups in Moscow won’t suffer. It’s always the regular folks who suffer the most. There is no reason for the higher ups to change course. The one thing Biden could do to make a dent at the top is to drive us out of Russian oil and put us back on the road to energy independence again.Where Trump had us. Biden won’t do that. Why? He thinks he looks tough with these sanctions. He’s trying to get oil from Iran too. He’s nuts.

It’s his fault we look weak in the first place.

He’s beholden to the Green New Deal and the American Marxists. Their plan is to destroy our energy sector. Biden is well on his way to doing that.

Everyone knows that after years of boots on the ground we’ve had enough. We cannot be the world’s policeman and right now we have huge issues facing us at home. Trump understood that. It’s why he adopted the Reagan stance of peace through strength. Reagan understood that’s how we stay out of wars. Trump understands it too. Biden is clueless about anything.Why does it have to be full scale military action or stand by and act like Ukraine doesn’t matter? It’s a false dichotomy. Give the Ukranians what they need and let them defend their own country.

We don’t have to be isolationist either. The world doesn’t change if we bury our heads in the sand. Unfortunately there is a lot of propaganda getting out on both sides now. You have to be cautious and sort through everything you’re hearing.BTW, Putin is not the good guy. He has a long history of murdering his own opponents. He hasn’t been in power for as many years as he has through a democratic process.He does it by eliminating his opponents. Literally. He’s let it be known what his agenda is. Let’s not forget he was a KGB spy.

Of course Ukraine matters. As Americans we believe in self determination and freedom. As a people who understand history, we get where Putin is likely going with this. Who’s to say down the road he won’t try invading the other border countries. For those who doubt it, who would have thought he’d invade Ukraine just a few years ago? I’m not crazy about the U.S. succumbing to nuclear black mail either. Every time a country mentions the word ‘nukes’ we’re going to kow tow?

Yes, we have to do everything in our power and then some to avoid the global annihilation of a nuclear war but there is something to be said for rogue countries using nuclear blackmail to achieve their same goals.