This Is The Plan? #PutinsPlan

i thought Putin might be trying to build the Russian Empire again. Wrong. The word is he’s actually trying to resurrect the former U.S.S.R. (Soviet Union). i don’t get it. What would be the point and how well would it work given the changed political landscape since those days. He’s certainly not going to win hearts and minds. Nobody’s going to redraw the maps and definitely nobody but Putin and a handful of his inner circle are going to recognize this redux Soviet Union. So what he ends up with here is a huge landmass and a delusion only he feels is fulfilled. He can get there militarily of course.The refugees aren’t going to return to live under the rule of an unelected official. Once he takes Ukraine, if he takes Ukraine, he’s going to be dealing with an insurgency from a resentful if not extremely hostile population .If Zelensky is assassinated the Ukranian people will never forgive or forget. Apparently it makes sense to Putin. It doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

Is our ‘fearless’ leader Biden hanging out in Delaware today?