Is There A Moral Equivalency?

Video at the end.He doesn’t seem to be saying Putin is justified for invading Ukraine but it does sound like he gives Putin something of a pass because the U.S. has no room to talk. We invaded Iraq;. We invaded Afghanistan.It sounded to me like he was suggesting the 2 are alike.

Desert Storm

Iraq had invaded Kuwait. The purpose of the first Gulf War was to eject the Iraqi military from its border country. George Bush Sr. charged the military with that one mission; liberate Kuwait. He had no interest in regime change or nation building. George W. Bush should have adopted his father’s model. Our forces chased the Revolutionary Guard out of Kuwait, annihlated them but stopped short of going into the capitol city of Baghdad. It was a relatively short war with few casualties on our side.The effort was led by “Stormin” Norman Schwarzkopf.  Schwarzkopf probably didn’t need to in the Iraq war he led but he believed in using overwhelming military force. Ironically Donald Rumsfeld, who was in charge of Operation Iraqi Freedom, believed in leaving a small military footprint. He probably should have used the  Schwarzkopf military doctrine. He was reluctant to change course in spite of ground truth. Eventually the military was forced to change course and initiated what came to be known as ‘the surge’.

Bush Sr. believed in giving the military a clear mission, a path to victory and an exit out.Stormin Norman believed in our side lives, the enemy surrenders or dies, mission over. They were on the same page.

Iraqi Freedom

George W. Bush the second Bush President and son of the first Bush called for the 2nd Gulf war when Saddam Hussein refused to allow the UN inspectors to look at their weapons program.The Bush admin claimed Saddam had or was in the process of getting WMD. Bush the son was in favor of regime change and nation building. Donald Rumsfeld was the Sec of Defense.The 2nd Gulf War did not enjoy the support the 1st one had and the country became divided over our being there at all. The first mission was successful. They removed Saddam.The other objective didn’t go so well.

The U.S. and Russia both faced a protracted effort in Afghanistan.It seems to me they both tried to prop up wildly unpopular governments. I don’t know why the Marxist regime in Moscow would think a Marxist ideology would fly in Afghanistan when the population was traditionally Muslim. The U.S. made the mistake of backing what was probably a weak and/or corrupt government. The basic goal of the Soviet Union was to keep a Marxist leader in power. The basic goal of the United States was to eradicate the terrorist groups and, capture or kill Bin Laden so they had to make sure they kept a sympathetic government in power.i don’t think we wanted to stay there any longer than was necessary to achieve the goal. I think the Soviet Union had longer term plans than we did but were met with a lot of resistance from the Afghan citizens. i think the resistance over long term occupation of Afghanistan by the U.S. came from our own war weary citizens. i know i don’t like our military being involved in nation building. It doesn’t work well in cultures that our alien to our own. It really doesn’t work well if the people we’re backing don’t have their act together.

i say leave our military to do the job it’s trained for. Now we’re in worse shape under Biden because he’s more into appeasement as a solution to political problems and more into changing the military culture than he is into military preparedness..Frankly with Biden he’s simply checked out. He causes a problem then looks for blame somewhere else.

As for Russia and the U.S. we had come out of a cold war with them not too long ago and at that time it was still the Soviet Union. The last few years we’ve been tied up with internal politics while global politics have changed since the good ol days.Somewhere along the way China became the dominant power and too many of our own politicians got into bed with them,including literally if you figure in Eric Swalwell.Trump was a disrupter. Boy did he step into some craziness.Now we’re stuck with Biden and Russia invades Ukraine. Next China will invade Tiawan. On one side of the aisle you have China,Russia and Iran and on this side of the aisle it’s us with feckless leader Biden.

The main difference between us and them is they have 1 leader and 1 alone as long as that leader can maintain power.They usually do. We have term limits. Some last for 8 yrs, others for 4.

Keep in mind we have 2 nation states that border us, Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. We’ve never invaded either.Democratically elected leaders as a rule don’t attack other countries.You leave us alone. We leave you alone. We’ve been good neighbors for years, particularly with Canada who share a language and to a great extent a culture.i could never envision either side invading the other.Keep in mind too there was a period of time in our own history when we were isolationist. We reluctantly got involved in WWII. We had to suffer a direct attack first. The 9/11 attack in my lifetime was our last straw.George W. just went a bit too far with the Iraq invasion. It never had the full support of our country like Afghanistan did. It caused a lot of division here.We’re always reluctant to get involved in any war.Our citizens can put a lot of pressure on the government over military action we approve of or don’t approve of. Nixon and Johnson found this out with the Vietnam War. i’m not taking sides in the Vietnam conflict-am pointing out what happened. I opposed it at the time.I’ve had 2nd thoughts since then and now i would say i’m far more unsure of whether it was justified or not.

The leaders of China and Russia don’t face that kind of pressure. A protest doesn’t exactly play well in Bejing or Moscow. They’re not going to be voted out of office by a disapproving citizenry either.

Keep this in mind as you watch the video that prompted my post; Maajd Nawaz was once part of an Muslim extremist group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, in his native country of Egypt. He may not have much love for either the U.S. or Russia.So i ask you if YOU think there is moral equivalency between the Russia invasion of Ukraine and the U.S. invasion of either Iraq or Afghanistan.

*Contrary to the position of the United States government i’d say Pakistan is not and never has been a U.S. ally. They play both sides. I was not surprised that Bin Laden had spent years hiding out in Pakistan. Seemed to me the terrorists in Afghanistan were moving freely between the 2 borders. I bet they were getting more support from Pakistan than we knew or were willing to admit.I always thought it would be strategically smarter to develop a closer relationship with India than Pakistan. i think Pres Trump was moving along those lines. India has a parliamentary system of government and seems to be more stable than its neighbor Pakistan. Pakistan in contrast has gone through several constitutions. It is culturally Islamic.