Enough of the Sanctions on Russia. It’s Ridiculous

Feckless leader Biden keeps imposing sanctions on Russia. It’s ridiculous.Sanctions have never worked that i know of. IF you can cite an example please leave it in a comment.

  1. they’re not touching Putin. He’s getting revenue from other sources.
  2. the sanctions are only hurting the Russian people. If our experts think that’s going to convince the Russian people to rise up against the Putin regime they’re dreaming. When people are hurting they’re too busy trying to survive. Besides, the regime is known for putting down any opposition;let alone a try at overthrowing the government. You’re talking about an unarmed population against a military that is not going to let them near Putin.It’s also possible you drive the population against us rather than Putin.Who’s to say they won’t consider us the bad guy?
  3. Cut off the revenues that hurt Putin and the higher ups. PERIOD. Other than that we’re wasting time and hurting people who have no role in the Russian invasion. Everyone suffers BUT Putin.