(523) The March 5, 2022 Iowa Tornado Outbreak, As It Happened… – YouTube. Missed This One

(523) The March 5, 2022 Iowa Tornado Outbreak, As It Happened… – YouTube

Normally when  i know there is going to be a live stream from Ryan Hall i post it and share. He doesn’t do a live stream unless there’s a chance for severe weather particularly tornadoes. I didn’t feel well last night and fell out early. You can watch a replay of the live stream and get an idea of the coverage Hall offers. He also does forecasts. If you’re someone who tries to be weather aware-we all should be-Ryan does the best forecasts. i also recommend checking the storm prediction center convection reports on a regular basis. It takes maybe 5 minutes (if that)to go over the reports.

https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/outlook/ Convection Reports. Storm Prediction Center

I hate to see people get caught unaware. With all the  technology we have today there is no reason not to have a heads up a few days out. Radar has come a long ways over the years. It’s a heck of a lot better than it used to be. As Ryan Hall always says, DON’T BE SCARED,BE PREPARED. When you’re in a tornado warning it is no time to go into a panic.Be sure to have a way to get a warning in case you’re sleeping. Weather radios range in price but most that do the job are inexpensive. i recommend Midland but if you have a preferred brand go for it!

This was a live stream with several tstorm/tornado chasers reporting in from Iowa.