Ukraine. 3 Different Narratives

We know the reason Putin gave for the invasion of Ukraine. The west has 3 different narratives. First that Putin felt threatened because Ukraine intended to join NATO. The other is that Putin wants to restore the glory days of the Russian Empire. The third is that Putin intends to go back to the configuration of the former U.S.S.R. (Soviet Union). Putin is a former KGB spy. He spent his whole adult life in the KGB i personally think the fear of Ukraine joining NATO is weak. Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal for assurances that Russia would never invade. Russia,the USA and Ukraine all put their signature on that deal. i doubt Putin ever feared NATO with or without the Ukraine and he definitely feared the Ukraine less after their only deterrent-nukes-was removed.

One thing matters to Putin, power. It’s the same with the Democrat Marxists in our country. You look at Nancy Pelosi and her goal is always power. You can say money too but money equals power.The Marxist goal is always power.What they do all depends on how low they will stoop to get it.Have you noticed when these Democrat [aka American] Marxists pass laws or mandates they apply to everyone else but them? God forbid anyone like Trump get in their way. The vitriol they feel towards President Trump,especially Pelosi,is off the charts. So you see the mo of Putin is all about power.

We won’t know which narrative fits until he makes his next move. So far he has Belarus(a puppet state), Crimea, Georgia and now he’s trying to get Ukraine. The warnings re Ukraine were out there for months. When Biden had the disastrous pull out in Afghanistan it was anticipated that Putin and XI in China would be emboldened.

Putin and XI always had the intentions to invade the other countries-there was no point questioning what they wanted to do.

No,we are not going to have boots on the ground in Ukraine. No, we are not going to enforce a no fly zone over Ukraine as requested by Zelensky. We cannot risk a direct confrontation between Russia and the U.S. a no fly zone would create. We could be sending arms to Ukraine to help them fight their own battle. Trump gave them military equipment. Remember the Ukraine phone call the Democrats were trying to impeach him over? That’s when he told Zelensky he’d send the equipment.

So where was Biden when all these red flags were going up? He probably had no clue. He’s always in hiding. Now he’ll just lay low and wait for Ukraine to fall. i don’t doubt he’s hoping for it. i’m dead serious.

Trust me, if Ukraine falls Putin will say jump and the U.S. and our allies will ask how high. All Russia will have to do is use the word nukes. It’s the one thing i always feared would happen someday, nuclear blackmail.Not as bad as an actual strike of course. Nothing could be worse, not even close, but bad enough.

Does Ukraine matter? Of course it does. For a number of reasons, not the least of which is the right of self determination and freedom. Unfortunately for Ukraine, us and the western world Biden is the wrong person at the worst time.